Kusuri, The Magic Medic

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The Real Grimlai



Ok, took me a while to get him done, but I'm gonna keep to my word and put him into play.


Kusuri is a healing support, focusing on tethering foes and himself to his allies. By tapping into his maximum health using his Darkin amulet, Kusuri is a MAJOR support tank.
-Gender (Male)
-Race (Human (is a Yordle in secondary skin))
-Origin (Zaun)
-Alliance (Unknown)
-Class: (Support)
-Subclass: (TANKS for waiting.)
-Weapon: (Magic Gauntlet)
-Attack Type: (Ranged)
-Energy Source: (Health)

Passive (Power Tether): Each time one of Kusuri's non-ultimate tether's breaks, it applies a 35% slow on all foes damaged by the tether and heals an ally for an extra 75% of the health that he would have had left to be healed for. All his tethers have a range of 1000.

Q (Emergency Donor): All enemy champions in a small area are tethered to a point in the center for 4 seconds with a red tether, taking 50/70/90/110/130 (+5% Kusuri Max health) damage if they break their tether. If they don't break the tether, they take half the damage. The center remains stationary. Costs 5% Kusuri Health. Cooldown 15/14/13/12/11 seconds.

W (We're Losing Him!): Kusuri tethers himself to an ally with a blue tether, healing him for 70/80/90/100/110 (+5% Kusuri Max Health) HP and splitting the damage that either Kusuri or the ally takes between the other member of the tether and themselves (example: If Kusuri tethers himself to Kog'Maw and then would take 50 damage, he instead takes 25 damage and Kog'Maw also takes 25 damage.) No Cost. 20/19/18/17/15 seconds

E (Stabilize him!): Kusuri tethers himself or an enemy to the nearest allied champion with the lowest health with a green tether. The enemy tethered takes 20/25/30/35/40 (+2% Kusuri max health) damage every second and the allied champion is healed for 20/25/30/35/40 (+2% Kusuri max health) health every second. If Kusuri is tethered, the damage taken by Kusuri and the healing done to the ally are both reduced by half. Tether lasts for 5 seconds. Costs 50/60/70/80/90 Kusuri HP (no cost if self cast). 15/14/13/12/10 seconds.

R: (Don't You Die On ME!): Kusuri places a rune on a champion that lasts for 5 seconds. If the target dies within that time frame, the ally is healed for 25/50/75% of his max health over the course of 5 seconds via a red swirly tether, and gains (Kusuri's Armor) Armor and (Kusuri's MR) MR for that duration, although the Armor and MR drops over the 5 seconds. The ally may do anything he so desires while tethered and healing (example, move, attack, cast abilities, etc.) but if the tether breaks prematurely, the ally dies immediately. No Cost. 100 seconds.
Health 395 (+100) Attack damage 55 (+2.2)
Health regen. 5.75 (+0.5) Attack speed 0.651 (+2%)
Uses Health Armor 20 (+2.9)
Magic res. 30 (+1.25)
Range 300 (Melee) Mov. speed 345
Wearing a lab coat and the right glove of a suit of armor. This glove has a glowing orb in it, which changes colors based on the last ability he cast. His hair is a deep red and rather spikey, and he has a pair of goggles on his forehead.

Secondary skin:
Same description, but is a yordle instead. Slightly higher pitched voice.

Champs he goes well with:
Protect the Kog'Maw? Kusuri does that like a charm. His W, E, and R heal Kog'Maw and keep him around in sticky situations. His Q can be devastating for those trying to escape Kog'Maw's Passive.
Miss Fortune:
AoE, anyone? MF has a LOT of AoE, which can be solidified by Kusuri's Q. By keeping them in a single area for a good portion of time, MF can land her E and her ult with ease.
Graves is a pretty tanky ADC. Kusuri compliments this with heals. Get both of them on the same team and lane, and you have a lane that's very hard, if not impossible, to kill.
Enemies Kusuri hates to face:

Percentage health damage, Grevious Wounds, a snare ult? All recipies for disaster. Kusuri finds it hard to work with Grevious Wounds, and Varus will still do the same percentage of health, no matter how much health Kusuri builds.
Kusuri tethers the Graves with his Ult. Alistar knocks Kusuri back, breaking the tether and securing a kill on Graves for nothing.
Lucian can burst down a foe before you can say "my ult's up." A quick fingered Kusuri may be able to save his ally, but it is gonna be hard.

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The Real Grimlai



Bringing him back.