Slade, the dark assassin

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Thread was supposed to be Slade, The Dark Assassin. Sorry :P

Slade, The Dark Assassin


Attack Power: 8/10
Defense Power: 3/10
Ability Power: 5/10
Difficulty: 8/10

Slade is a dark energy using champ, it is the normal energy used by Zed, Akali, Shen, and Kennen. Just with a new name and instead of it being yellow energy it would have a black and red color pallet for energy.
Puncture wound: after 5 basic attack the next basic attack will attack in a straight line piercing through enemy's, doing (level 1, 25)(level 6, 50)(level 11, 75)(level 16, 100) magic damage within 4 seconds.
Q Passive/Ability- Dark Iron Sword
100/85/70/55/40 Dark energy
Cooldown-8 seconds
-Passive: Every attack will increase your attack speed on only one target by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% maxing at 35%

-Active: Slade's Sword is filled with the energy, gaining max stacks of attack speed and every attack will do a bonus 10/20/30/40/50 +(15% of physical Damage) physical damage. (Max 50 damage against monsters)
W Passive/Ability- Smoke Capsule
50/45/40/35/30 Dark energy
Cooldown- 21/18/15/13/11 seconds
-Passive: Increase movement speed by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%

-Active: Slade throws down a smoke capsule rendering Slade invisible for 1 second and doubles his movement speed bonus. Also the smoke persist for 3 seconds and any one in the smoke will have their vision minimized.
E Ability- Dead Chase
100/90/80/70/60 Dark energy
Cooldown- 5 seconds
-Active: Sade dashes a small distance towards your courser and then slashes out his sword in a 90 degree angle after reaching his destination doing (50/100/150/200/250) physical damage. If Slade's body hits any target he will bounce off them doing (25/50/75/100/150) physical damage and then slashes his sword in a 90 degree angle whilst mid-air doing (50/100/150/200/250) physical damage
R Ability- Assassins Life
200/200/200 Dark Energy
Cooldown- 125.5/100/85 seconds
-Active: Slade minimizes the vision of a selected target so he/she can only see his/her self, then Slade will dash in circles around his selected target suppressing them and attacks them 5 times applying on hit effects doing 150/275/385 physical damage over a few seconds. after the target will be freed but will apply a bleeding effect slowing the target by 20%/30%/40% and does 15/25/35 +(5% of physical damage) physical damage within 2.5 seconds. Also the target can't be targeted by the ult again unless he/she was killed by the ult or another champion was hurt by the ability later on.

"I didnt choose this, it chose me"


Slade was once a Father of 2 children, with his wife and happy with his life to the max. Then one day his life turned upside down.

at his house at night Slade had a strange feeling in his stomach, he can't sleep and he is not hungry but there is something outside that disturbs him, he hears movement out side and the air is very soft. Then out of no where the wood to the side of him that's part of his house explodes and Slade is slammed to the ground, then there was a shadow in the corner, Slade asked who it was and it didn't reply, he yelled at it and it then pulled out a sword and with a quick stab Slade was punctured by a blade. Blood drawing out of his puncture things started to go blurry then he saw perfectly, even better then before probably even crystal clear. He felt a strange surge of energy and then the shadow wasn't there anymore but the blade was there still. Stuck in the floor he tried his hardest to pull it out and then he had a change in his mind, his mind told him dark secrets he didn't know and the other side of his mind tried its hardest to keep his rage contained but it wasn't enough. his hand changed in color filled with dark energy's and he became a demon of sorts, but he was not a demon he was a distracted Assassin now with no hope. With his mind corrupted he slaughtered his family and the whole town. So blind he didn't understand what had happened, with unwanted blood on his hands he ran into the forest far from every thing. He layed crying under a tree, asking why this happened to him, was there a purpose. Yes there was a purpose he was now the new Dark Assassin. With his sword as his weapon and a corrupted mind he seeked for help and found the League of Legends where he found his real purpose. to slay every one in his path.
"I will prove my self worthy"

"Leave no tracks"
"Every foot step is worth it"
"Quickly now"

Basic Attack
"Non shall survive"
"From behind"
"Fill them with darkness"

Q- "quick Judgement"
"Quick hand movements"

W- "Sneaky, Sneaky"
"Don't look at me"

E- "Don't run"
"why so fast?"

R- "Welcome to my world"
"Life always changes"

"Zed and Shen walled into a bar, Oh never mind you don't want to know the end."

"This blade need some stain remover because I just can't seem to get your blood off my blade."

"*laughing* stop your making me cry *laughing*

tons of wooden sticks come from beneath the ground to the surface popping Slade into the air, He then does ninja moves on the poles. Tell me if you think that's a good idea for his dance
- Thanks every one for looking at my Champ Concept i hope you all liked it
Please tell me if there is anything you might want me to add to this post. Thanks.

-Also Check out my other champ I have created, it is very complicated but maybe take a look at it.

In the comments area please tell me what you think about this champ and maybe give me ideas on the stats because im not that pro at making stats so if anyone knows how to make stats that fit his play style that would be great thanks
I am not going to have pictures or 3D models because I am not that good at designing just yet and I am not a good artist but if any one could submit drawings to me that would be amazing, If I could design him he would have a sleek at black steel looking helmet that has a red visor, black iron like armor that is sharp looking, and pretty much his whole suit is like that in the colors black and red. but his sword will have black tracers coming out of his sword when he moves in game just like infernal Nasus when he uses his Q and the red streaks come out of his staff. but really I would love to see those pictures and drawings coming in. It would be amazing
-More Updates are to come-
Date of updates and what the update is for:

-2/18/2014 - (Stats, Zeds stats but changed up a little.)
-2/19/2014 - (added cool downs to W,R and added decreased Energy per level on Q W E and R. Also nerfed R so it is no longer over powered as I was told. As well as that I add Dialog. And EVEN ON TOP OF THAT I have put a reason why I don't have pictures,drawings, and 3D models for this Thread/Post/Champ Concept.)
-5/20/2014 - (changed some ability's so they all weren't OP because I checked for a while and notice if this was in game he would probably beat Yi for good, MAYBE that would be a good thing but I don't think I would like that ether, Also I removed the stats and changed the lore a bit.)
-5/30/2014 - (Got old and reposted)
-0/00/0000 - (reason)