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Dominion TD (Tower Defense)

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General Overview

Dominion TD is a custom Dominion draft pick game based on tower defense games. It is played between two teams, with five players on each team. The team on the left side in the lobby will be the the defenders. The team on the right side in the lobby will be the invaders.

The Screenshots
These screenshots and the markings on them will be referenced in this guide. Each numbered green triangle is a Tower position that a defender can choose. Each Tower may only move between the two red circles surrounding the specific green triangle. You can only change your Tower's position after a round is over.

Image: http://i.imgur.com/usKnD.jpg

Numbered green triangle = Tower zone. Only one Tower may be in each zone.
Red circles and lines = areas within a zone that a Tower can move once he has chosen a zone.
Blue road = the lane that the Invaders must walk through.

Objectives - Invaders

Your goal is to run through the blue area at bottom lane (shown in screenshots) past the "towers" of the defenders. Your team will start behind your own capture point at bottom lane. You are NOT allowed to buy boots, potions, or any items that give movement speed passive or active. You may not attack or otherwise do damage to the defenders unless it is a form of CC. The ability itself must have a form of CC, so Mallet/Rylais do not count. Your objective is to make it through their defenses past their capture point at bottom lane. If you survive and make it through, you will wait outside the enemy base until the round is over.

Objectives - Defenders

Your goal is to defend against the invaders and kill them before they make it past your bottom lane capture point. Each defender is considered a "tower". Each tower will choose a position (marked as green triangle in the screenshots). Towers may only move on the areas marked as red circles and lines, and may not leave the area that they have chosen (green triangle). So if you choose Green Triangle #3, you may only move in the line between the red circle surrounding you on the left or right. At no point after a round has started are you allowed to leave that area. Defenders may change their tower positions at the end of a round.


1. Towers may use any ability. If a Tower uses an ability that causes them to leave their permitted zone, then they must immediately return to their zone after using an ability. (example: Jax is allowed to leap and stun invaders even though it means that it will make him leave his zone, but once he does that he must return to his zone before doing any other action.

2. Ranged Towers may autoattack at any time as long as they do not leave their area. Melee Towers may not autoattack unless it is an ability, or an ability that modifies their next autoattack on-hit. (example: Rengar can use Q to autoattack, but Malphite cannot use W to autoattack because it is a buff and not an on-hit ability). Melee Towers may use attacks/abilities that require them to leave their zone, but they must return to their zone right after using them. All Towers may not leave their zone to cast/attack targets that have clearly gone past their zone. In other words, you can leave your zone to cast/attack if your target is in the area around your zone, but once they travel down the last past the area of your zone, you may not chase after them to take further action.

3. Invaders may use any ability that causes CC on the Towers. Non-CC abilities that are modified by Mallet/Rylais do not count as a CC ability. Invaders may use defensive abilities like shields and heals and buffs, but are not allowed to use any form of movement or mobility spells unless they also provide some sort of heal or shield (example: Kayle's W, Skarner's W are allowed. Jax leap, Kassadin blink, Riven jumps, Lee Sin Q enemy or W non-self target are not allowed).

4. A round ends when all invaders have died or have made it past the Defenders' capture point. Players may only recall to heal/buy at the end of a round.

5. Invaders win a round if at least 3 runners make it past the enemy capture point. Defenders win a round if less than 3 runners make it past the enemy capture point. At the end of each round, the winning team will capture the top capture point. If you win a round and the enemy team controls top, you will capture it fully (not neutralize). The first team that reaches 0 Nexus points loses the game.

6. Invaders may not buy boots or any other kind of item that increases movement speed passively or actively.

7. Invaders may not choose Ghost, Flash, or Revive

Basic Strategy - Invaders

Since you cannot use any kind of movement items or mobility abilities, you must rely on teamwork, CC, and tankiness. Use CC or support abilities to help yourself or your teammates get through the lane. Exhaust and Heal summoner spells will help your team a lot. Pick up tank items, auras, spellvamp, etc according to your champion/team composition to do well. Remember to buy a lot of tanky items. Remember that THREE of you need to make it through in order to win a round. Plan with your team accordingly.

Basic Strategy - Defenders

Killing 3 people out of 5 that are running through a relatively short area will be a bit tricky. However, the invaders won't have any mobility items or abilities. Work together by setting up in positions so that you have some sort of kill box where your team will put out a lot of aoe damage/cc in an area. Exhaust and Ignite summoner spells will help your team a lot towards winning a round. Remember that the invaders will be more and more tanky as the game goes on, so adjust items and tower positions accordingly. Abuse your opponent's lack of mobility.

List of Banned Invader Active Abilities

All stealth abilities are not allowed. All non-CC abilities are not allowed. All movement abilities are not allowed unless they heal or provide a shield. Passive components of abilities are allowed and may be leveled up.

Invaders are not allowed to by any kind of boots or movement speed increasing item. Invaders may not pick or use Ghost/Flash/Revive.

If you are confused on whether or not an Invader ability is allowed, please check the list below.
Ahri: Q, W, R
Akali: Q, W, E, R
Alistar: none
Amumu: Q (too much mobility), W, E
Annie: Q, W, R unless they will trigger a stun (you are allowed to W to build stacks as long as it doesn't hit anyone)
Ashe: Q is only allowed if you keep shooting and keep moving toward the end of the lane. Nothing else is banned.
Blitzcrank: W
Brand: R. W/E is only allowed if you are comboing a Q. Do not use W/E otherwise.
Caitlyn: Q, R
Cassiopeia: Q, E
Cho'Gath: E, R
Corki: Q, E, R
Darius: Q, W, R
Diana: Q, R
Dr. Mundo: E, R (too much mobility)
Draven: Q, R
Elise: Human - Q, W / Spider - Q, W, E
Evelyn: Q, W, E
Ezreal: Q, W, E, R
Fiddlesticks: W, R
Fiora: Q, E, R
Fizz: Q, W, E
Galio: E
Gangplank: E
Garen: Q, E, R
Gragas: Q, E
Graves: Q, E, R
Hecarim: Q, E
Heimerdinger: W, E, (Q is only allowed if you combine it with your ult)
Irelia: Q
Janna: none
Jarvan IV: Q, R
Jax: Q, W
Jayce: only hammer E is allowed, the rest are all non-CC or are movement buffs
Karma: E
Karthus: Q, E, R
Kassadin: R
Katarina: Q, W, E, R
Kayle: E
Kennen: none are banned, you can attack/cast spells as long as they are for the stun and you keep moving forward
Kha'Zix: Q, E, R
Kog'Maw: Q, W, R
LeBlanc: W, R if it is a copy of W
Lee Sin: Q, W if on ally
Leona: E (too much mobility)
Lulu: W if on self or ally
Lux: R
Malphite: R (too much mobility)
Malzahar: W, E
Maokai: W, E
Master Yi: Q, E, R
Miss Fortune: Q, W, R
Mordekaiser: all abilities allowed (for the passive shield) as long as you keep moving forward. Any ghosted unit does not count if it makes it past capture point.
Morgana: W
Nasus: Q, E
Nautilus: Q
Nidalee: Human: Q, W Cougar: Q, W, E
Nocturne: Q, R
Nunu: W
Olaf: E
Orianna: W must hit an enemy, everything else is allowed as long as you keep moving forward
Pantheon: Q, E, R
Poppy: Q, W, E
Rammus: Q, R
Renekton: E
Rengar: Q, R, and no bush jumping
Riven: Q, R
Rumble: Q
Ryze: everything allowed as long as you keep moving forward and only use spells to cc/spellvamp with ult
Sejuani: Q
Shaco: Q. Hallucinations from ult does not count if it makes it past capture point. Only original Shaco counts.
Shen: E, R (too much mobility)
Shyvana: Q, W, E, R
Singed: Q, R (too much mobility)
Sion: none
Sivir: Q, W, R
Skarner: none
Sona: none
Soraka: Q
Swain: E
Syndra: R
Talon: Q, E, R
Taric: W, can only use R to buff and not damage towers
Teemo: W
Tristana: W
Trundle: W
Tryndamere: E
Twisted Fate: Q, R
Twitch: Q, E, R
Udyr: Q, E (too much mobility), R
Urgot: R
Varus: Q
Vayne: Q, R
Veigar: Q, W, R
Viktor: E
Vladimir: E, R
Volibear: Q, W, R
Warwick: R (too much mobility since it's a jump)
Wukong: E, Q, W
Xerath: any are allowed as long as it's being used to combo stun
Xin Zhao: E
Yorick: Q (any ghosted unit does not count if it makes it past capture point)
Zed: Q, W, R
Ziggs: Q, W on self, R
Zilean: Q, E on self
Zyra: Q


Any suggestions on anything regarding this custom game are welcome.
Would also be great if people are willing to test this game with me so we can make it more balanced

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A Lovely Lush

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I would love to play this game mode however i'm at work right now :/ but add me in game and I can play one this evening