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some new ideas

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So I was thinking, if Riot wants to have lots of action here are a few skill/abilities ideas.

1. A multi-ally Regen Bubble [champion only] (something like from Halo and other games). Could be an item cast for support/tank allies without actual healing skills to build.

2. Tank/Support type that does splash heal via auto-attacks and/or abilities (passive skill?)

3. Throwing an ally (how better to initiate?)

4. A protective shield style spell that returns damage received to attacker for a single (like Fiora's Riposte) or a short duration that simply splits it (50-50 or some other ratio). However, have one that does it for strictly magic damage and one for physical damage. Possibly viable on a tank/support type to protect high priority allies as a counter to super burster/nuker.

5. more to come in future.

P.S. I hope others have epic ideas to make the future fun to watch!!