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Master Yi Hi Hi

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I think the free to play champs should be the ones people suggest for example lets say i suggest nami (not out yet) and you dont put her or any of the other id like in i get a little mad so i think it should be sort of like a vote every Monday the top 6 will win then the next Monday the champs that were FTPA would be taken of the list till next week

Thats my suggstetion on FTP rotation Ty!

PS: FTP = Free To Play
FTPA= Free To Play As.
spelling may be off some places

Sincerely-Master Yi Hi HI (please leave a response or Thumbs Up Or Thumbs down Ty!)

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The FTP rotation doesn't put brand new champions in because otherwise, Riot would lose a lot of sales. Quite simply, they get more out of having them off the free roster for the first two weeks. If they were free on the first week, NOBODY would buy them because the general idea is to try it before you buy it.

I do agree they need to expand the FTP week roster.