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While in the shop if I click on an item in my inventory I want the game to click on it in the shop as well and be able to sell / view upgrade tree from there.

I like the idea of the new shop but the execution is not there. It doesn't have the LoL feel the old one has. Font is too small. Sometimes it doesn't respond immediately. Like you have to click once to be on the shop, then double click to buy the item - so 3 clicks, annoying. Gives it a wtf, I already clicked feeling. Also the green is ugly, what happened to that cool wood rustic background and font?

Also why is the boots category at the bottom? You never heard of alphabetical order? Not to mention its one of the first items people buy.

And why did you change the surrender vote graphics? You made them uglier...

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Yet another post I agree with 100%. Boots to hard to find. Surrender graphics are icky (and need the thick black border per vote back!) Lagginess in clicks a huge problem (but I covered that one in my own post). I couldn't agree more how I like the idea of a new shop but just don't feel it's been done right.