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Duo ranked

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Senior Member


Sup fellow summoners,
This is pdugg45 here asking if anyone is looking for a duo ranked? I have currently gotten my solo que elo up to 1338(new high) and hopefully I can keep moving.
Lately I have been winning with mid diana however I main jungle and prob top would be second. I know how to ward (wards win games) I want a partner who doesn't rage has skype and knows all position as I do. We always won't be able to get the roles we want and I don't want someone to have to beg other sommoners in lobby for certain positions.
Add me so we can get moving on Thanksgiving break! And btw I want someone around my elo (1300+). GL next game anyway tho.

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Junior Member


I have 1100 ELO ATM but, thats cause of my bad teammates, I can duo with you if you want

PM eliteent