Traix, the Lost Artisan (Mk. 3??)

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Tahi Relle

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[Passive] Font of Power
Every three activations of one of Traix's abilities adds 1 point to a pool of energy each spell uses to apply bonus true damage.

Physical Riptide: [Bonus]
Void Render: [Bonus]
Disasociate: [Bonus]
Unravel: [Bonus]

[Q] - Physical Riptide
Traix causes waves of force to enminate from a targeted area as long as he remains near. During this time traix moves at reduced speed, but can cast other spells. Traix can activate a second Physical Riptide at reduced cost, leaving him stationary. Deactivating two intersecting Physical riptides will cause a concussive blast, damaging and disrupting enemy forces.

Traix causes a narrow line of force to generate from the targeted area, dealing {15, 29, 43, 57, 71} (+ .2 Ability Power) Magic Damage, and [Bonus] True Damage per second to enemies it courses through. Traix moves at 70% of his movement speed while channeling Physical Riptide, but can still attack and activate other abilities.

Traix can activate a second Physical Riptide at half the cost, but rendering himself immoble and unable to cast additional spells or attack. If two lines of Physical Riptide intersect, a consussive blast of energy will slowly build, releasing {15, 30, 45, 60, 75} (+ .4 Ability Power) Physical Damage and [Bonus x 5] True Damage in the area for each second the lines intersected, up to a maximum of {75, 150, 225, 300, 375} (+ 2.0 Ability Power) Magic Damage and [Bonus x 25] True Damage. Enemies in the area of the blast are also blinded and silenced for {.7, 1, 1.3, 1.6, 1.9} Seconds.

[W] - Void Render
Traix selects a target and mark's his current location. The further Traix moves from his location, the slower his movement becomes but the greater the range and damage of Void Render Become.

Traix Marks his location and selects a target. His movement speed decreases by {10, 9, 8, 7, 6}% each second he moves from the marked location. After activating a second time, Traix hurls a portion of torn reality a distance porportional to his distance from the marked location at the target, dealing {10, 20, 30, 40, 50} (+ .8 Ability Power) Magic Damage and [Bonus] True Damage to enemy units struck in a line for every 250 units he moved from the marked location, up to a maximum of {100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600} (+.8 Ability Power) Magic Damage. If an enemy champion is hit, they are stunned for .5 seconds.

Design Notes:
Think like a sling Shot. The farther Traix pulls it, the farther the bolt will travel, and the more damage it will do. The bolt only travels toward the marked target until it runs out of distance, and it does not home in on the target after being fired.

[E] - Disasociate
Traix gains bonus ability power and his auto attacks deal true damage. Traix can activate Disasociate to break himself away from reality, gaining damage reduction but draining his hitpoints.

[Passive] Traix's auto attacks deal [Bonus] True damage, and his ability power is increased by [Bonus].

Traix breaks away from reality for 3 [+1 per 50 Ability Power] seconds, taking {2, 4, 6, 8, 10} [+ Bonus] True Damage per second but gaining {2, 4, 6, 8, 10} [+ Bonus]% Damage Reduction.

[R] - Unravel
Traix causes a target enemy champion to slowly be torn from reality, dealing true damage porportional to their Health and Mana regeneration.

Traix Targets an enemy champion, causing their health and mana regeneration to invert for {12, 14, 16} Seconds. During this time, they instead loose health equal to their health regeneration plus [Bonus] as true damage, and their mana is drained by an amount equal to their mana regeneration plus [Bonus].

Finally starting to work this guy out a bit. What do you al think? Too weird with them abilities? Super Fun sling shot? Unravel got your tounge? Comment and enjoy!