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Skins for old Champs

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Panda Hammer

Junior Member


I would love to see some new skins for old champions. Ones that have been out for a while...a LONG WHILE!...I mean don't get me wrong you all do great jobs but it's time to show some love to some of the other champions such as Udyr, Soraka, Eve and others whom haven't gotten skins. Trundle is another fine example. Granted he may not be used a lot but it is rather saddening to see just two skins on his list and that's all you guys got. It's a troll! come on. There are several other things to do with such a troll.

Even the one champ that some other people were excited about was Sejuani. I am sure there are several things you could do with that character and maybe need a push in the right direction. I would just love to see some old champs with some new bling. It would be completely awesome to see udyr get a complete full animal re-haul like turning into a complete anthro tiger or bear or phoenix or turtle. Anything like that would just be epic. Anyone who agrees just give a post and say what you would like to see on some champs who have gotten no love.

Hell I mean I know I would love to hear ideas from others but I wanna see it happen.