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[Champion Concept] Megaton,The Blade of Killer

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Fierce Summoner

Senior Member


Megaton is a very good top lane,Attack damage,Carry.
Megaton is a samurai.

Skill list:


Every 3 basic attacks Megaton does an uppercut Dealing (90% of he total attack damage).
and will snare whatever Megaton hit.(This affect happens every 6 Basic attacks).

Q- Underground Kill

Megaton slams the ground and blades come where he Cast.Dealing (100% of Megaton's Attack damage).
Cooldown: 12/10/9/8/7

W-Blade surge

Megaton jumps on an enemy , stabbing the champion with his blades and making a Mark.Dealing (0.9 + per bonus AD)
When Megaton does ANY ability on that mark it will explode.Dealing ( 0.7 + per bonus AD)
Cooldown: 19 at all ranks.


When Megaton casts this ability on an ally (Or yourself) you will gain 5% less damage every basic attack you do (Stacks up to 6) and will give life steal per stack (Lasts 4 sec.).Enemy Cast: If you cast this on an enemy Their basic attacks and abilities will do 40% of their damage to themselves (but will still hit whatever they cast it on.) Lasts 3 sec.
Cooldown: 20 at all ranks
Cost: 90/100/120/150/200

R- For The Kill!

Megaton can constantly jump 4 times and if he kills a champion it will reset (only one).Dealing (100% of his attack damage). And if he Explodes a mark with this ability it will do double the damage.Dealing (120% of his attack damage).
Cooldown: 140/120/90
Range: 750
Cost:150 at all ranks

Not Very good at everything else so i'm not going to do it so bye!
Don't forget the poll!