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Cambio the Herald of Change

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This is my first champion concept so not sure how well it will turn out. Lets see.
I freely give up my legal rights to this idea and give Riot Games permission to use this idea or any derivatives of it.

Appearance: A blond, handsome guy around twenty three. His hair should be short, eyes blue. He wears a black robe that shimmers every so often with a myriad of colors. He floats a few inches off the ground at all times.

Voice: A deeper male voice, smooth and cultured. However, his voice will change near the middle of certain lines, becoming innumerable voices of every tone, pitch and gender. In his quote this parts will be italicized.

Lore: Times are changing in The League of Legends. Especially with the appearance of Cambio. He appeared one day at the doors to the Institute of War and politely asked to be admitted. The first summoner that arrived thought this to be a minor spirit and tried to imprison him. That summoner is now utterly insane. What Cambio desires with the League is unknown. When asked he merely smile. If pressed, one begins to see flickers of things unknown, not meant for the mind of sane men, deep within his eyes. Most of the time, he merely acts as he appearance would suggest, concealing his true voice. However, his presence has an unnerving effect on most. His purpose is unknown. None can doubt however, that change is coming.

Abilities: Now, I don't know if these are any good or if there balanced. Feel free to comment and give feedback.

Passive: Damage Change: If Cambio would be attacked by a basic attack he would heal the damage dealt instead of taking it. This can only happen once every 30/20/10 seconds, changing at levels 8 and 16.

Q: The Flames of Change: Cambio unleashes a cone of multicolored flames that damages all enemies within for 75/125/175/225/275 (+.5ap) and then burns them over 5 seconds for 50/75/100/125/150 (+.3ap). Enemies killed by either part of the attack spawn a gibbering demon that lasts for 8 seconds. This creature is uncontrollable and with focus whatever is attacking Cambio at the moment, prioritizing champions. 7 second cooldown at all levels.

W: Field of Change: Cambio creates and aoe field that lasts for 5 seconds. This field does 100/125/150/175/200 (+.4ap) magic damage to enemies standing on it and heals allies for the same amount. 15/14/13/12/11 second cooldown.

E: Location Change: Cambio teleports dealing 125/150/175/200/225 (+.3ap) aoe magic damage upon disappearing and reappearing. 17/16/15/14/13 second cooldown.

R: The Sound of Madness: Cambio channels for three seconds and then screams using all of his voices, dealing 125/250/375 (+.4ap) to all enemies within a cone and shattering their minds. Enemies hit are afflicted with Madness and make basic attacks against the nearest unit for 1/2/3 seconds. 140/110/80/ second cooldown.

Quotes: Please see the note to his voice at the top of the page.

Selection: "Change can be for good or ill.

Moving: "A change in location."
"Onward, to change"
"Time for a change in scenery"

Attacking: shoots a bolt of multicolored flame form his hand. A crit can be from both hands. "Sometimes, change meansyour end.
"I will change you, not for the better."
"a curse in an alien tongue

Ultimate: During Channel: "Listen Summoner. Can you hear the sound of madness!"
"I will shatter their minds!
During Scream: A wordless scream of all his voices

Joke: "Who says that death and taxes can't be changed? Okay, maybe not taxes."

Taunt: "You're pathetic. Not even I can change that."
"You seem to be alive. I must change that"

Laugh: Most of the time a quite chuckle. Occasionally he will give a madding cackle that changes to his true voices in the middle.