Aaron-The Defender of the Forest

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Aaron The Defender of the Forest

Passive: Stamina- Replaces mana with stamina.
Regenerate (2+0.5 per level) stamina per second.(100 stamina total)
Basic attacks drain 5 stamina per attack.
Spells cost stamina to cast.

Q: Boomerang- Aaron throws his boomerang in an arc in a target direction.
Upon hitting an enemy champion it deals 40/60/80/100/120+100% of AD.
This ability applies on-hit effects.(Sheen, Phage ect.)
If an enemy champion is not hit the boomerang will continue in a circle and
return back to aaron. It then refunds half the cost and reduces the cooldown
by 50%.
Cost: 20 Stamina Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 Range: 800

W: Arrows- Aaron creates an arrow every 5 seconds.
Arrows cause aaron to have ranged attacks. These attacks gain
armor pen. per level. 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%
1 arrow is consumed per attack. Caps at 30.
Basic attacks have 600 range using arrows. (Normal range 200)
Can toggle the use of arrows on and off.

E: Snare- Aaron channels for 2 second to create a snare at a target location.
If an enemy champion steps on the snare that champion will be rooted
in place and revealed for 1 second and dealt 50/90/130/170/210+30%of AD.
Snares last 3 minutes, only 3 snares may be active at one time.
Cost: 20 Stamina Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 Range: 450

R: Aspect of the Monkey- Aaron enters the aspect of the monkey for 4/5/6
seconds. While active aaron gains 10%/20%/30% bonus movement
speed and gains the ability to use Vine Swing.
2nd cast: Vine Swing- Aaron swings on a vine becoming untargetable, aaron
then lands at a target location dealing 50/100/150+80%Bonus AD to
nearby enemies and slowing them 30%.
Cost: 20 Stamina Cooldown: 25/20/15 Range: 800

Please share thoughts below, Thanx for reading (:

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Moby the White

Senior Member


when i first read this i thought you meant players got snared for 3 minutes >.<

interesting concepts