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Steve, The Minion Summoner

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AP, Support, Off tank, Ranged, Pusher

Steve was a minion summoner. Day in, day out, he would sit in the nexus and summon minions. wave after wave, for hours upon days upon years. The pay was mediocre and the recognition was non-existent. He toiled away, summoning minions, watching all the champions get the glory and prizes while he barely scraped a living. Eventually, he had enough. He decided that he hated his job so much, that he was going to quit. But why quit when you can get yourself fired doing something cool. One day, the moment a match started, Steve left the nexus. He walked slowly down the middle lane, spanwing minions the entire time. By the time he reached the first turret, he had a massive mob of siege minions backed up by a veritable horde of casters. The first tower fell before the enemy team even left their base. When the tower died, steve gained all the gold and experience usually split among five team members. Upon leveling up several times, he found a way to make his minions so that they didn't give gold or experience when killed. He pushed mid-lane, dropping the next two towers quickly. he even managed to kill a few of the champions, surrounding them with melee minions and dropping them with tanks. When he dropped the inhibitor, it increased his powers so much that the level one enemy champions could only cower beneath their base turret. The nexus fell, and blue team was declared the winner, and steve was immediately called forth to the League Master. Far from reprimanding him, they congratulated him on his performance, and welcomed him into the league as a fully blown champion. Now, steve fights for glory and honor, sending waves of minions to destroy his enemies.

Passive: Steve has no auto attack. Instead, he summons minions that attack his target for him. All steve's minions have stats based off of his stats (Except Ability power increases minion attack damage). Leveling up increases the odds of summoning tank minions, with a small chance of summoning siege minions in late levels, as well as increasing the rate at which minions are summoned. All steve's minions are worth 0 gold and 0 EXP. If minions lose sight of their target, they will behave like normal minions.

Q: Fight For Me:
Passive: AOE presence buff to all minions, with a minor buff to champions. Lvling increases buff power. Buff power also increases based on each of his stats.
Active: Rapidly increases the rate at which steve summons minions, at the cost of his passive.

W: Focus Your Attacks!:
Active: Summons a group of minions at target location. If an enemy is selected, all nearby minions attack targeted enemy. lvling increases number and type of minions spawned, as well as increasing the radius to affect more minions.

E: By My Command:
Passive: While steve is not moving or attacking, he summons minions into a crowd that follows him. These minions prioritize movement pathing so that they never interrupt a friendly champion's movement. When steve is moving, they trail behind him, while he is not moving, melee and siege minions walk circles around steve, while caster and tank minions walk a circle around the outside. All minions auto attack enemies in range when Steve is not moving.
Active: If enemy is selected, minions will attack enemy ignoring everything else. If ground is selected, minions will attack move to target location. of no enemy is sighted, they will move to the nearest lane and behave like normal minions.


Passive: every two minutes, (1,2,3) random enemy inhibitor(s) is/are disabled for one minute. (1 for lvl 1, 2 for lvl 2, 3 for lvl 3).

Active: Steve drains all minions currently in the map of their gold bounty and experience, and divides the bounty evenly among his teammates. All minions come under his control and begin to walk towards Steve. for the next (X) seconds, all minions in the game are effected by Steve's abilities. When (x) seconds run out, minions gained this way behave as normal minions, but the enemy minions stay on steve's team.

At level two, the Active gets a shorter CD, less mana cost, and more duration for the timer. In addition to that, all minions double their move speed so they can get to him faster.

At level three, Mana cost and CD lower further, duration is lengthened, and all minions begin teleporting to Steve at a rapid rate (I think ten minions a second).

Tips for playing Steve:
Minion stats are based on steve's aown stats, so build more ability power if you want more damage, and more Health, MR, and Armor if you want them tankier. Steve can use the long range on his auto attack/summon to pressure a lane, or he can drop his W and E simultaneously to trap an enemy within a mob of minions.
Steve's Q can be activated if you need a big mob fast, but sometimes its better to let the passive aura buff the minions you already have.
Steve's ult is all about timing and placement. while less usefull at low levels, at lvl 3, steve can walkinto a teamfight and lock down an entire enemy team by summoning horde of minions to his position.If you don't need his ult in a teamfight, you can use it to deal massive damage to turrets and quickly push a lane.

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