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Alerion - Mark of Spite

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Debonair Kairiyu

Junior Member


((First character idea so hope im doing this right, will probably need to adjust things but curious on the feedback))

Alerion - The Mark of spite
Support / Melee

Basic Attacks are kicks

Innate- His cursed feet leave a paw trail

causeing grevious wound and dealing

5,15,30,60 true damage(as he levels his ult it increases

to those numbers) per second they stand next

to him or on the ground. The ground stays

cursed for only 3 seconds unless hes standing

still it refreshes on that spot.(Basiaclly his

melee strength comes from this.)

Enchanted Satchel-

Passive- On assist gains 5,10,15,35,50 extra


Active- Throws it at a target, if ally healed

for a % of their current hp, and a smaller %

to surrounding units. If enemy deals

40,55,65,80,120 damage and slows surrounding

enemy units for 5% for 2 seconds.

AP ratio (+70%)
Mana cost 40,55,80, 115, 150
Cooldown- 6 Seconds(not effected by CDR)

Transmutation- Takes the form of a feral dog

for 10 seconds, gaining 15,20,25,30,45

increased physical damage and magic resist. As

well as 5% increased movement speed. Can still

cast other abilities while in this form aside

from enchanted Satchel(its passive still

triggers however) When returning to hybrid

form takes 5% reduced movement speed for 5


Manacost- None
Cooldown- 5 Seconds after slow debuff fades.

Inspiration- Sends out a ray of light in a

cone, casting a shield of allied champions and

minions or neutral units, shielding them for

50,100,150,210,250 for 3 seconds and granting

them 5% increased attack damage. When cast he

gains 2% damage reduction for the next 2


Manacost-Same as the amount of shield strength
Cooldown-15 seconds
Ap ratio- (+25%)

Internal Conflict- Mimics the curse on himself

on an enemy target. Dealing 2,5,15,20,25% of

Alerions current hp and causing them to share

attack damage stats for 5 seconds, during this

time they can only auto attack targets. If

Alerion dies while the curse is still active

on the enemy champion, that champion will be

killed by Alerion as well. If the enemy

champion is killed then Alerions current mana

will be cut in half.

Can be unlocked at level 3
Cooldown-30 seconds (not affected my cdr)
Mana cost- 100,115,140,200,300(+ additional ap

ratio for the bonus ap gathered)
Ap Ratio- (+10%)

Possible Voice Quotes:

Champion Select: My experiment went wrong,

will your choice be as well?
Movement: If I keep running like this I'll

need a drink at the fountain.
Joke: No I dont sniff butts, why would you ask

that? Wait better thought you should go as

Warwick that and see what happens.
Taunt: My tactics turned me into a half dog,

yours will leave you on the ground..or the

river...oh look a ball!*wags tail*

Quick Backstory- Alchhemist experimented with

some researched from the crystal scare, his

pet dog tried to eat it and they merged, now

hes a goofy man dog with his body fighting the

curse of the magic.

((Name and moves were just random thought ideas so sorry if they were used before didn't look around too much))