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Random ideas for champions

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Lillian the Game Master
support, assassin

passive: lillian has no basic attack, she will instead throw cards to nearby allies that stack up to 5. they last for 15 seconds. each card will provide a reduction to all incoming damage (including true damage) stacking up to 45% at a full stack. when the allied unit takes damage, a card will be discarded and the damage reduction will be reduced to the next level

q: en passant - Lillian throws a card forward dealing a moderate amount of magic damage to all enemies in its path. if an enemy champion is in range it will immediately move to their position. if a enemy champion is hit, their magic resist is lowered (this does not stack)and en passant's cooldown refreshes

w: defelction- Lillian creates a shield around her. no enemies can use abilities through it, use basic attacks through it, or move through it. Lillian cannon move throughout the duration (which is toggles with a 3 second cooldown). every second it is active, lillian will use 10 mana.

e: gambit - Lillain creates an area on the ground that will draw enemies towards it. if an enemy lands on the area itself, they will be slowed.

r: Overlook- Lillian can target any allied sight ward and teleport to it. if cast on the ground in two different locations, a gateway will appear allowing allied units to pass through it for a short duration. this ability has no cool down and costs 100 mana

generally, the idea is to create a powerful support that helps a team with map control and enemy movement/positioning rather than shields, healing, etc. while at the same time giving her an ability to take down weaker opponents such as an adc if they are for some reason alone or low on hp.

Vale the Contagion

mage, "anti support"

passive: when Vale uses an ability, he will cause all surrounding enemy units to have lower attack damage and ability power for 4 seconds. this stacks up to 3 times.

q: infect - lasts 5 seconds and deals a small amount of magic damage over the duration. in all of the units abilities will have their costs multiplied

w: siphon - Vale creates a field on the ground that drains enemy mana (or any other resource) and a small amount of hp, if an ally is standing in the field as well, their mana and hp will raise for the amount that is drained.

e: compression gate - Vale targets an enemy unit and deals a moderate amount of magic damage. the magic damage is doubled if the enemy unit is buffed or if Vale is debuffed.

r: Dark Disease - Vale inflicts a unit with a Magic damage DoT. if another enemy unit approaches (or is already near) the ability will afflict that unit and the duration will reset for all afflicted enemies

i felt it would be cool to have a champion that instead of focusing on buffs like a support, specifically focuses that on dubuffing enemies

Souren the Logician
mage, fighter

passive: any ability that has recently dealt damage to a allied player will deal a lower amount of damage to
Souren and increase his AP

q: Ratio - passive: increases his basic attack's range

active: Souren empowers his next basic attack to deal magic damage to an enemy that deals aoe damage

w: Congruency- Souren teleports away and leaves a clone behind that explodes after 2 seconds dealing magic damage. if the clone takes damage before detonation, the explosions damage will increase. Souren can use this when supressed

e: Fractal - Souren dashes to an enemy and deals magic damage in a cone pushing the targeted enemy and all nearby enemies away. if the enemy is marked with analyze, they will be slowed as well.

r: analyze - Souren marks an single enemy. over time, the enemy will have their damage output lowered when attacking Souren (magic, physical, and true damage). the mark will be removed if Souren marks another target or the marked enemy moves out of range.

Nell the Living Puppet
assassin, carry

passive: Nell's basic attack deals higher damage the farther his target is from him . his basic attack's range increases temporarily while attacking the same target

q: impale- Nell launches one of his arms at a target dealing high physical damage and stunning the target for the duration. any enemies behind the target will be dealt physical damage.

w: jump - Nell grabs a target and launches himself over them. the distance away is determined by the targets initial distance from him. for the duration of the ability, the target is stunned. Nell gains an attack speed bonus for 4 seconds afterwards.

e: Spinning Volley - Nell crouches down and spins for 5 seconds hitting up to five nearby enemies with poisoned darts. each dart will deal a small amount of magic damage and poison the targets hit. he can move throughout the duration. if he uses any other abilities or auto attacks it will cancel spinning volley and put it on cooldown.

r: bladed body - Nell can toggle blades hidden within his body it deal damage to any target that deals physical damage to him and deal physical damage to all targets that approach him.