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Taleum( Tell-i-um)

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Taleum has two short sword's right hand a sword wielding the power of electricity in his left a fire sword wielding the power of fire.

(Passive) twin elements:if Taleum strikes an opponent with his electric sword it adds a stack that dose 3/6/8/13 damage each for 3 secs if 3 bolt stacks are on a single champion or minion they will be stunned for .3/.3/.3/.4 sec's if hit by his fire sword it dose 4/7/9/14 damage for 3 secs and a slow is applied after 2 hits with the fire sword a 10/12/14/16%slow for 2 secs (he hits with his right arm then his left and the type of element the sword is it will change the element of the ability if its his right it's an electric ability and if it's left a fire ability this will count as a strike and he will switch hands after)

(Q)Plasma strike/Inferno strike: Taleum charges to an enemy stabbing them with the blade he's going to strike with applying the passive effect of that blade instantly on strike base damage is 200% of ad with a ratio of .1% ad cooldown 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 a range of 525 at a sped of 900 when eletric sword and 800 when fire sword is out

(W)Elicpowerment/Ablaze:If Taleum is wielding the electric blade he will have 20/25/30/35/40% increased attack speed with increased movement speed of 10/20/30/40/45% for 3/4/5/6/6.5 secs if he is wielding the fire blade it will give him a spell shield for 3 sec's this will also give him for all damage (except true damage) equal to 12% of his health and is leave's a trail of fire behind him doing 30% of his ad it last just as long as his electric blades and the cooldown is 15/14/12/10/9

(E)Lightning field/scorch: stabs whatever blade he is wielding into the ground if electric sword is out it will add 2 stacks of the passive and will do a base of 50/60/70/100/135 with a ratio of .5 ad if fire blade is out it will it will do 30/40/50/80/100 and it leave's the earth on fire for 3 secs adding a burn to the champion in the scorched earth doing 5/10/12/15/22 burn damage for 3 secs only applying 1 stack for the fire blade.

(R)(Ultimate) Destiny blade:It merges his two blade's together adding 10/20/30 damage to auto attack's also applying both passive blade stacks on each hit and the passive effects damage is doubled and the length of the stun(for electric blade) slow (for fire blade) is also doubled and the extra ad aquiried from the ultimate will work on the ability's and will apply both special effect of ability's so from the E it will burn while doing the amount of damage from the lightning and add 2 stacks from the w it will get the spell shield and movement and attack speed buff from the q it will apply both the stun and the slow but the slow will occur after the stun.

Lore:As a kid Taleum was always drawn to the ocean and one day while visiting the ocean he saw a new born creature and this creature was Fizz and they quickly bonded and from there on after they met up there every day playing and having fun when Taleum was about 15 Fizz was stolen by a monster and Taleum followed them into a cave and at Fizz'es age he's very weak.Then Taleum went to tell his parents and they didn;t care so he lashed out on them and he took all his belonging's and left home.then he went to train as a warrior to become strong enough to kill the monster that took his best friend.after 2 years he was confident and ready to go rescue his friend but he knew he would need hellp because the cave was huge so he sent out and found Ezreal to help find Fizz. SO they embarked ona search and after 3 day's they got separated and Taleum saw this glowing blade that seemed to have enchantments of electric and fire and he was so interested he went up and grabbed it and it binded itself to him and it could talk and it told him at was showing him it's true form and that it's normal form was 2 different elemental blade's and then it went into it's normal form of the 2 blades and it told him that all he need do is ask and it will go into it's true form.After finding he destiny blade he continued his search and he found Ezreal and one day later they heard a laugh and Taluem knew it was Fizz'es and he went it to see Fizz toying with the monster then the monster saw Ezreal and Taleum and Ezreal left but Taluem was ready and after fighting hard he knew he needed to use the true form of the blade so he asked the sword and it delivered and after one hit of the true sword the monster fell and him and Fizz and him left and went to go hangout and play then he was offered to to to the league of legends he said he will in time now when Fizz went on his adventure he went to the league of legends.

Base health:476(+56 per level)
Base AD:59(+3 per level)
Base armor:30 MR 35
Base speed:320
Base attack speed:0.84

Usually built as an ad bruiser top/jungle mostly top

Recommended build:
Frozen mallet
Mercury treads
Madreds blood-razors
Infinity edge

not it that order necessarily or you should build what fits your team

looks like master cheif from halo 3 but not as detailed or as technalogicizesd more basic and is blue and gold primarly blue with a gold visor