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Idea for currency transfer system

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I am a League of Legends Summoner looking to be able to get a friend Riot Points for Christmas.
I Don't want to share account information in order to do it tho.
I also don't trust sharing digital money via point cards bought from the store over text messaging systems due to chat logs.
I Thought that if you have a points transfer, RP and IP system, then a person would be able to give rp and ip to another summoner as a gift from there own currency without risks.
I also thought this would save you some problems with account sharing among summoners which is frowned upon.
Also you could interject a rule stating that point transfers may only be gifted among summoners who have been on one-anthers friends list for 3 Months.
Also that both summoners must be logged in at the same time in order to perform a transfer and when a player attempts to gift points, the precipitant must accept or decline the offer.
I believe these two rules would prevent players from being scammed by intelligent computer hackers.
What are your thoughts about A Points Transfer System.
Summoner Lerisa

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Aren't there RP giftcards? Yeah. There are RP giftcards. Just buy one of those. RP transfers would be too easy to break.