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Slade, The Ferryman of the Void

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Passive- Void Pertification- If Slade is within 300 range of an enemy for more than 5 seconds, that champion will be rooted for 1 second. ( Cannot hit the same enemy more than once every 60 seconds)

Q- Row!- Slade releases 3 pulses over 5 seconds, increasing move speed of himself and allies by 25 for each pulse in a 300 AOE.

W- Serve My Will- Slade uses his tail and a whip and grabs a target enemy champion dealing physical damage, he can then throw them in a direction of his choice, dealing damage a second time.

E- Dark Waters- Slade surges to a target location in a 200 AOE, dealing magic damage to enemies he passes through.

R- Into the Void- Slade summons a dark whirlpool of void energy, fearing and damaging all nearby enemies for 2 seconds.

Lore- Slade had lived for a long time, ferrying lost souls into the void. He was happy with this job, as happy as any psychotic void creature could be, that is. However, he always regretted losing a particular soul. Kassadin, who through some force of will had adapted to the void and escaped Slade's clutches and escaped even the void itself. Now that Slade has found a way out of the void his focus is now fully upon the only one to ever escape him.

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It is a good idea but his back story needs some work they never tell us if they use souls or if its even like a hell the void is just a place of chaos and as for the kassiden thing it doesnt really fit you could have it that he is the one kassaden sent his daughter to when malz tricked him but thats about it and the ferryman seems to not work also as all the void are beings of death and chaos so rework his name everything else though works i like his moves