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Minimal HUD Mode Suggestion

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It's nice that we have a "hud zoom" type of option, but it seems that reducing the overall size of my HUD also shrinks the parts I think are important, which makes them harder to see. I'd like to suggest an option to eliminate all the non-essential parts of the HUD so that the play field is more visible. In the minimal HUD mode, I suggest the following:

1. Health, mana, and exp float over the player character's head. The equivalent bars at the bottom of the screen are now superfluous and may be removed.

2. Detailed stats area is hidden, I don't need to know my exact attack damage value on the screen 100% of the time, maybe only when near the shop.

3. Show a small gold icon and amount in the corner.

4. Show only the icons for skills, summoner spells, and for activate-able items (potions, wards, equipment with active effects). Any equipment that's entirely passive can be hidden when away from the shop.

5. Bottom artwork background band can go away, especially the portrait of our characters - our guy is in the center of the play screen all the time, we won't forget who we're playing.

6. Move the chat box to center bottom, where it's equally offensive to both teams rather than favoring the southwest team in classic 5v5.

7. Eliminate the score and kill count in the upper corner, we can tap tab for that.

8. Reduce border artwork around the minimap.

By doing this, only the most-often-needed bits are on screen, making the play field more visible and reducing the clutter that otherwise obscures the beautifully designed level.

Maybe you read this and think I'm the only guy who cares about this stuff, but consider that many games have an option almost just like this - almost all racing games have a button to change view modes, where one is first-person without the dash, shooters like the Metroid series which ordinarily have a lot of HUD have an option to make it transparent or entirely invisible, and even WoW has a pile of somewhat popular addons which allow players to hide or rearrange the parts they don't think are important. I don't think so many would go through the effort if players weren't asking for it. Please consider it for league!