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Balsa The Thunder Matriach

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xLeather Neckx

Junior Member


The Thunder Matriarch

“I am Balsa, I am lighting. I exist for but a moment and alive for but a second.” - Balsa

For over a millennium Balsa meditated upon the sacred mountain of the ursine people. The immortal thunder goddess resided in the center of the storm, or better yet… Was the center of the storm. Often times A ursine would approach her holy summit in attempt to gain favor and wisdom from the goddess. If Balsa accepted the ursine she would grant a portion of her power and knowledge upon the warrior. If not, she would strike the ursine down leaving nothing but behind.

One fateful day Balsa was approached by a young ursine who sought what all before him had. Balsa found him unworthy. Before she could deliver the fatal blow a premonition swept through her body and spread through the storm in her vision she saw a great war and the death of her followers. At that moment she took notice of the ursine, her vision spread to the young warrior. She felt the courage in his heart. Fearless he turned to leave the mountain seeking nothing more but to protect his people. Moved by the warrior she struck him lighting infusing him with her power.

“Go forth!” She commanded as she descended from the heavens with her holy spear in hand.

“For you are my champion. Go forth in my stead and when the time is right… I will appear on the battlefield.” Balsa commanded the ursine and left. Now Balsa enters the fields of justice for what reason though?

Abilities and Passive:

Passive: Surge

After casting an ability Balsa’s movement speeds are increased.
Alternatively if Balsa caused damage with that ability her attack speed is increased instead.
Additionally if Balsa kills an enemy champion she gains increased movement speed.

Q: Spear Toss
(70/85/100/115/130 + .6 AD) Range 1000 (ability is ad and scales off ad)
8 sec cool down (skill shot small aoe radius such as karthus q)
1st cast: Balsa throws her spear towards target location. Spear caused aoe damage and stays at target location until one of the following has occurring. Balsa leaves exits 1050 range of spear. Balsa performs second cast, or 8 seconds have passed returning spear to balsa.
2nd cast Spear travels in a straight line towards Balsa causing an additional (40/45/50/55/60 + .3 ad) to all targets struck. Additionally the damage is reduced for 20% for each enemy struck consecutively.

Notes about q: Balsa is a melee champion, after using Q on first cast Balsa cannot auto attack until she has her spear again. This is important to note because her passive is about balsa being able to kite and combo effectively. All of her abilities revolves around whether Q is on first cast or not.

W: Lighting Strike
Range n/a
Balsa empowers he spear with lighting causing her next basic attack do deal (80/90/100/110/120 Magic damage plus .8 Ap ratio .4 Ad) (deals magic damage but can scale with ad as well.)
20 second cd

Alternatively if Q has been cast Balsa surges an electric current through the wire dealing (80/90/100/110/120 Magic damage plus .2 Ap ratio) in a straight line from current postion to target spear location. Enemy struck by lighting strike have their movement speed slowed by 25% for 3 seconds.

E: Thunder Step Range 350
Cd 20 seconds
1st Cast Balsa rushes to target location. Balsa takes reduced damage for 3 seconds
Can be recast within 3 seconds
2nd Cast Balsa rushes to target location. Balsa takes reduced damage.

R: Final Spark!

80 sec CD
Balsa calls down upon herself a might bolt of lightning empowering her with additional AD (.2) AP (.2) AS (.2) MS (.2) and stuns all enemies within melee range of balsa for 1.5 seconds. This lasts for 15 seconds.

Alternately If q has been cast Balsa calls down the thunder bolt at target location dealing (200/280/360 + .5 ap magic damage to target spear location.) all enemies are stunned for 1.5 seconds.
120 sec CD if used this way.

Emotes and sayings.

Taunt1: ha… I’ll be “Shocked” if you can even touch me.
Taunt2: I can do this all day.

Joke 1: *pulls out a drum* I just keep going and going and going. *while walking in a circle*
Joke 2: You know what’s great about Me… My toys never run out of a charge. Who needs batteries.

Dance: Electric shuffle while humming the electric shuffle.

Laugh: Giggles *snort* aherm…

1. Do not presume to command me
2. To battle.
3. Great minds think alike.
4. I feel a storm coming.
5. I’ll get there when I get there.
6. ... I was going there anyway.
7. *Cackles of electricity.*

1st Q
"Think fast!"

2nd Q: 1.

W: Electricity cackling during duration of spell.

E: Random grungs

Self Buff cast: RAAAAAAAH!
Spear Cast: This is the end!

Death: Sound of thunder dispears in a flash of lighting leaving her spear behind.

Thoughts on Balsa and Play style:

I haven't come up with any stats for balsa because I'm just not into that sort of thing.

The idea behind balsa is to have create a hybrid champion that can be played as a bruiser, ap carry, a jungle or a tank. Balsa is a melee champ that comes to field with a blink, steroids and damage output. While she has no build in sustain her top lane bruiser early game would come from her very long range poke with high movement speed for kiting until she could build life steal.

Balsa is high mobility high damage champ capable of filling most team roles.

First time making a champ be gentle =P Oh and yes she would have huge knockers. She's a female duh.