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(Champion concept) Infinity- The Master of Nothingness

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Here's my idea of a champion for league of legends, I want him to be a bruiser/side carry in my views. some constructive criticism is nice as some stuff i work on could always use some improvement and some feedback from the community is always welcome in my book..

Name: Unknown, Called "Infinity"
Place of origin: Unknown, Found around the shiruma desert
Association: Ionia
Weapon: Samsara sword
Take on the league: uninterested of its endeavors but appreciates their (somewhat) altruistic efforts

Innate- Infinity: Infinity uses a special resource system unique to him. His resource system consist of 6 bars which basically acts as his source of energy when you are casting skills, as such casting skills will use up the charges respectively. The charges will gradually recharge itself and can be accelerated by autoattacks. Aside form this his main innate ability is that whenever he cast a skill his other skill's cooldown is reduced slightly

Q- Season's Advance (6 sec.) : Infinity strikes the ground with his sword sending forth a shockwave that deals physical damage to all enemies it hits and slowing them as well, the slow starts off weak but gets stronger the more enemies it hits, In example the first enemy struck is slowed for 10%, the next by 15%, and the next by 20% and so forth up to a cap

W- Like the wind (12 sec.) : Passively this grants Infinity the ability to dodge one attack every few hits. Actively this skill will boost his attack speed and movement speed for a few seconds

E- Ebb and flow (18 sec.) : When activated Infinity will assume a defensive stance for a few seconds, if he is struck by an enemy be it autoattack or skill he will redirect the attack dealing magic damage to whoever attacked him first and take no damage in return. In turn the enemy will be either disarmed or silenced respectively, if it were physical they cannot autoattack for 2.5 seconds, if it were magical they will be silenced for 2 seconds

R- Nothingness (120 sec.) : Infinity collects himself tapping into the power of nothingness and becoming enlightened by it, all of his skill will cost nothing and they will be empowered for the next 10 seconds

q- slows all at maximum regardless of enemies hit
w- speed boost are increased slightly
e- enemies will be disabled for an extra .5 seconds

note: all numbers are susceptible to change as this is still a work in progress

Many ages ago during a time long forgotten an ancient evil threatened to consume the world in darkness and to enslave all that it surveyed. However, the wicked creature's machinations were thwarted by an equivoque master of both infinity and nothingness who slew the evil with a single swing of his sword. The evil refused to accept defeat and dragged the master down with him to the black twisted depth form whence it came. The master struggled to free himself from his foes dark grip, but to no avail as he was pulled down with the evil. No one knows what happened to the evil being or the master after they disappeared off the face of the Valoran, but what people do know is had it not been for the master's courage and bravery in slaying perhaps the greatest threat ever in Runeterra's history, there would be no Runeterra at all.

Though many scientist, skeptics, and narrow minded people merely dismiss this story as nothing more then pure fiction, others, mainly the Ionians believe otherwise. Within old tomes and history books they speak of a legendary swordsman whom found oneness with himself and the world beyond him. This spiritual awakening he attained allowed him to form a blade style that appeared to transcend time and space itself almost as if he could control it. Much like the master however, he disappeared as well and the infinity style with him

While all this information may seem coincidental, it wasn't until a mysterious warrior clad in white as pure as light itself and black as bold as the night sky in which the moon hung itself from entered the institute of war. Wielding a sword taller then he was and with a voice colder then the very steel of his blade he requested admission to the league of legends.