Support Design. Tah'Rem The Totem Master

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After my last failed attempt at a support I thought long and hard about a new support. Again please feel free to criticize in a constructive way.

Serenity (Passive)- When Tah'Rem is near a totem the range of its effect are massively increased. (Range 500) Additionally Tah'Rem may only have three totems at the same time. Effects of totems stack if a champion or minion is in range of its effects. Totems that are out of a 2000 range disappear. Aura range is 100. Increased to 800 when Serene

Tranquil Totem - Grants a small healing and mana regeneration bonus. Additionally grants a small area of vision (5,7,9,11,13 per five seconds). Totem lasts for 15 seconds. (Focus: Allies in the range gain a 10% movement speed). Aura range is 100. Increased to 800 when Serene.

Wicked Pole - Passive: allows Tah'Rem to hit Totems causing a burst of lighting to hit the nearest enemy, prioritizing champions. This chain can hit up to 2 additional enemies. Poles used can be seen by enemies while on the 10 second cooldown.
Active: Deals magic damage over time. A(10,15,20,25,30) (Focus: Enemies are stunned if in the range while the ultimate is activated.) Pole lasts as long as Tah'Rem is in range.

Totem of Wisdom/Strength - Grants nearby allies bonus attack damage or ability power of (3, 6, 9, 12, 15). This is a toggle feature that allows the summoner to switch back and forth between them. (Focus: Grants allied champions bonus armor or magic resist equal to 10% of their bonus attack damage or ability power)

Tides of the Totems (Ultimate) - Passively increases the range to which Tah'Rem can activate a totem. (600, 700, 800) Imbues each totem with Focus for 15 seconds. Additionally the number of Totems Tah'Rem can have is increased to 6. He is still limited to having a maximum of three for one given kind of totem.

I'm unsure about the cooldowns of the totems or mana costs of them. Let me know what you guys think!