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Koran - The Astral Seer

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Passive: Celestial Momentum
Koran’s magic power increases over time (reaching a cap of 12~30 AP [scaling level 1-18]) as he stays in constant movement (+.13), increasing for 2 seconds before returning to normal.

Q – Meteoric Impact

Koran takes on the form of a meteor, launching himself in a line forward at a target area inflicting magic damage (50/70/120/180/250)(+.6) on the impacted area and covering targets in embers. Targets hit in the meteor’s path but not in the impact zone only take 50% of the impact damage and are covered in embers. Targets covered in embers take continuous magic damage based on their max health (1%/3%/5%/7%/9%) plus 7% of Koran’s AP after being struck for 3 seconds.

Solar Scar: Embers burn for an additional 3 seconds and Meteoric Impact’s cool down is refreshed by 3 seconds.

Cost: 60/70/80/90/90
Cool down: 7/7/7/7/7

W – Black Hole

Koran conjures a black hole that initially pulls enemies in and grows in size as it engulfs matter around it. The black hole slows enemies caught in its core for 2 seconds by 20/25/30/35/40% and reapplies this effect as long as enemies are within the growing singularity. The singularity explodes after 2 seconds inflicting magic damage (+.65) (40/70/130/180/240). Enemies take less damage the further from the core they are. (Max 30% less damage)

Solar Scar: Target’s eyes are covered by dark energy and are blinded for 1.5 seconds.

Cost: 80/90/100/110/120
Cool down: 16/14.5/12.6/10.9/9

E – Solar Tendrils

Koran transforms a targeted area into the surface of the sun for 5 seconds, causing lashing flares of solar energy to inflict magic damage (60/75/90/105/120)(+.57) every second to targets standing in the area. Each tendril hit will leave a solar wound on the target for 4 seconds (Max 4 wounds). Stacking 2 wounds will apply a Solar Scar for 8 seconds (Max 2 scars). If a target has 2 scars but one is activated, the 8 second timer is reset. Targets hit by any of Koran’s other abilities will cause the scars to apply an effect.

Cost: 80/80/80/80/80
Cool down: 18/16/15/14/13

R – Cometfall

Koran channels the power of the universe for 1.5 seconds, summoning a comet to strike a targeted area on the map [Semi-Global]. Enemies hit by the comet take magical damage (+.67) (375/450/600) and are knocked back from the center of impact and given a solar scar.

Solar Scar: Enemies are stunned for 2 seconds after being knocked back.

Cost: 120/140/160
Cool down: 140/110/80


While many sorcerers in Runeterra focus on the manipulation of energy around them, Koran sought harvest the power of the sun, moon, and stars. Being a savant for the astrological wonders of the universe, he researched ways that these astral entities had an effect on the body and the world he lived in. Koran came upon a book that described a forgotten type of magic based on rituals of 3 ancient cultures. These cultures each were entrusted with the duty of ensuring energy from the sun, moon, and stars recycled throughout Runeterra every 100 years. Excited to have made a breakthrough in his research, Koran began making preparations to execute each ritual on the specified day in the book. Whilst making preparations, he thought it would be more efficient to combine the catalysts of all 3 rituals to study the effects on the immediate area around him. Nervous of the effects, he proceeded to test each ritual individually, recording success as each ritual affected his surroundings. Changes in gravity, increased heat signatures, and spontaneous bursts of energy were all results described in each of the 3 rituals.

Confident in his recent success, Koran decided to combine the catalysts of the 3 rituals as he previously thought to do. Placing the catalysts in the containment chamber, Koran began to chant as he called forth the power of the sun, moon, and stars. Noticing the area around him heat up rapidly, Koran grew nervous and attempted to stop the ritual by separating the catalysts with magic. As the magic flowed into the 3 catalysts, he noticed they seemed to be feeding on the energy he was putting forth causing them to glow. Feeling himself begin to get pulled into the catalysts, he attempt to resist and run from his experiment but could not muster the strength to pull away from the glowing stones. In an instant, the catalysts began to expand and exploded into a singularity of dark energy, swallowing everything around it, including Koran. Years passed and Koran along with his experiments had become a fragment of everyone’s memory. One day 100 years later, a dark singularity spontaneously appeared in what was a flourishing laboratory and now ruins, only this time, the singularity seemed stable. Out of this came a man transformed. Koran knew he was different, but was not aware how. Unharmed and still young, he proceeded to find purpose. Koran knew he now had the power to control the universe but was afraid of the utter destruction that could result from it. Seeking guidance, he went to the League of Legends and asked to learn how to control his new abilities.

“A man is not judged by the divided power he holds, but by the ability to control those powers in unison” -Koran

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Good luck bud. I know Koran has a place on the fields of justice and I hope people start to notice him. You worked hard and the champ shows that. I think you did really well on him. Hope you get good feedback.

BTW! Did you know that you could check out my own Champ concept? Kai, The Sequestered Disciple (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2823359) For all of you dormant Master Yi fans, you got a reason to play, check him out!

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Thank you, first champ idea so I hope it goes over well. I like Kai btw, i'd try him. I prefer mages, but i'd still try him.