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Rupern, the Radioactive Trickster

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Name : Rupern
Offense : 2
Defense :2
Ability :8
Difficulty :undefined
Attributes :Could not exactly tell what kind of champ this was going to be, tell me, according to the abilities and stats and such what attributes this guy has.

Base Stats:

Health - 453 (+59)
Health Regen - 8(+0.7)
Mana - 487 (+27)
Mana Regen - 10 (+0.7)
Attack Damage - 57 (+2.6)
Attack Speed - 0.674 (+2.40%)
Attack Range - 530
Armor - 16 (+3.9)
Magic Resist - 37


- Passive - Radioactivity
Rupern's radioactivity field deals damage to all enemy units in the area, dealing 10(+2.5) damage a second in a field of 750 range. This passive also applys a stack of Mutation to the affected enemies. This stack is consumed either when Rupern hits the target, dealing 25 bonus magic damage for each stack, or after it wears away from 10 seconds. (Stacks up to 3 times, lasts 10 seconds.)

Q - Odd Radioactive Object
Rupern throws a unusual substance of pure nuclear energy, damaging the target for 60/110/180/210/260 (0.4%AP ratio) This ability also applys a stack of Mutation.

W - Cloud of Death
Rupern evaporates into a cloud of radioactivity, then stealths for a short time, then when unstealthing, releases another cloud of radioactivity at the location he finished stealthing. Both clouds explode after one another each dealing 40/80/120/160/240 magic damage in a radius of 350 (0.5%AP ratio) This ability applies a stack of Mutation.

E - Abnormal Aura
Rupern passively gains AP every time he levels up. (+3) He also gains permanent AP from killing champions while this ability is active. AP Champion Killing Bonus 5/7/10/13/15. When Rupern activates this ability, he is granted a shield that blocks the next incoming attack from a champion and returns back 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% of the damage to that champion. If the block is completed successfully, Rupern gains a second shield that increases his Armor, Magic Resist by 10/20/25/30/50 and Movement Speed by 5%/10%/15%/20%/30%.

R- Ultimate - Rage of the Nuclei
Rupern channels rage into his body for 3 seconds, then explodes in a massive blast that deals 350/500/750 magic damage to all surrounding enemies, applying 2 stacks of Mutation to all affected enemies. (0.3%AP ratio.)


"A cough is contagious, especially Rupern's..." - Singed, the Mad Chemist

Rupern was a notorious thief, his name know by thieves all around Valoran, he was famous for his ability to quickly acquire items without a eye ever being laid on him. Of course, one day he was caught, by the Demacian Police, with stolen items falling out of his pockets. He was sentenced to be executed, but the night before, Hextech Corporations bought Rupern out of his death sentence. He was then bagged up and tied to a unknown plain in the Noxian region. As he laid there, in the desert field, he saw a small object in the distance, yet it was growing, fast. He also saw its thrower, none other than Ziggs. He was throwing a test bomb, like none other. He was threw the Massive Ordinance Hextech Radioactive Explosive 9001, at a human subject, in order to test it's results and its potency.

Rupern at that moment, thought that his life would end, and thought about all the happy things in his life, if there ever were any, and at that moment, the bomb exploded straight on him. But he was also filled with bad moments in his life, horrible nasty things that only the Gods would know. He filled his body with these rages, all these bad things, and his body absorbed the entire blast.

He escaped from the Hextech Facility shortly after, and resumed his life as a thief in the streets of Demacia. One day, Rupern had heard from his network of thieves that the League had opened up, and joined the League to prove the proper way to win a battle.

Thats all I got for today, leave your comments to tell me how you liked it, first champ.