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Randel, The Consumer of Light

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Randel, The Consumer of Light

Role: Assassin, Carry, Melee, Ranged, Fighter
Lore: He is called the "Day Light Lantern" in his hometown of Rin. He is called "Day Light Lantern" because he seems useless to everyone such as a lantern in the middle of the day where light already illuminates the planet. One day, his town suffers from a drought. The people decided to sacrifice him to create rain and save his town. He was forced to become a sacrifice. He was chained and taken to the center of town on the next day for all to see. As he was pierced in the heart by a knife he screamed in agony. As he cried for help no one seemed to care. He remained conscious as his remaining blood dropped. His very soul about to leave his body forever. The sky began to turn dark. The people rejoiced and cried with glee that rain was coming and that the town was saved. But there was no rain let alone a single cloud. It was as if the entire would just got dark. As they stood there confused, he started to stand up. Everyone gazed in terror at what was happening. In the center of his chest, there was an orb attached to his body. It glowed brightly as the sun itself. He opened his eyes and looked around, he could see the terror of the peoples faces. He had a great malice towards the people for sacrificing him without a thought of care. He let loose his rage and destroyed the town in an instant with blinding light. That is why when someone asks what is the purpose of a lantern in the middle of a day, they will tell you this. The lantern may seem useless, but when day becomes night, the light of the lantern shall be the first and last thing you will ever see.


- Passive: Light Bringer

- If Randel takes 50% or more of his hp as damage (nonturret) within 3 seconds, all his skills except his ultimate cools down. If his ultimate, Embodiment of Light is active he will take 50% reduced damage when Light Bringer activates for 5 seconds. Will be activated again after 30 seconds.

- Q: Final Flash
- Damage: Total Attack Damage plus 20,40,60,80,100
- Delay Damage: 10,30,50,70,90 additional attack damage per attack
- Cool Down: 15,13,11,9,7 seconds

- Randel gains a light charge with every attack. This increases his damage by 4,6,8,10,12 every 3 attacks, stacking up to 3 times. He can release this stack to use his skill Final Flash to auto attack the enemy and deal additional damage to the target. The target is also marked with a Light Mark. If the target is attacked by Randel within 2 seconds Final Flash's passive continues to stay until he attacks a different target or is unable to attack the marked target within 2 seconds. If he is unable to attack the marked champion within 2 seconds, the target takes damage equal to the amount of times Randel attacked him while he was marked. Randel loses his buffs and cannot gain his passive for the duration of its cool down when he fails to attack the target.

- W: Light Essence

- Damage:
- Cool Down - 22,20,18,16,14

- Instantly blinks a short distance and increases attack speed by 25%,45%,65%,85%,105% and movement speed by 15%,20%,25%,30%,35%. Every attack that he does decreases the cool down of Light Essence by 1. Increases to 2 if the target is marked with a Light Mark

- E: Light Particle

- Damage - 10%,20%,30%,40%,50%
- Randel sends light particles to surround his target and reveals it. When the target is attacked by Randel or another allied Champion they take an extra % of the damage dealt. If the target is marked with a Light Mark and Light Particle is activated, Randel's Final Flash cools down by half the amount total amount.

-R: Embodiment of Light

- Damage - Duration of Embodiment of Light before using Ball of Light
-Starts at 50% total damage and increases up to 200% extra damage depending on the duration
-Flat amount - 200,300,400
-Scaling - 150% of Attack Damage
- Duration - 8, 10, 12 seconds
- Cool Down - 180, 140, 100 seconds
- Randel absorbs the light of the entire map slowly and lowers the sight radius of all players except himself. Randel shines brightly and can be seen by enemies all across the map. Randel increases his sight radius slowly and reveals invisible units(and brushes) and his attack range increases by a large amount. Every attack applies Light Particle's effect. The cool down reduction on Light Essence doubles. Randel can activate Embodiment of Light and fire a huge ball of light anywhere on the map. Upon throwing the ball of light, all vision is removed except for the ball of light that flies to the target area. After the ball of light dissipates vision is slowly returned.

Reason of Creation- After many games with champions like Teemo, Darius, and Nidalee, I feel like there should be only one TRUE global taunt champion who will finally put to rest the discussions on how champions like Teemo, Darius, and Nidalee are global taunts. Overall, I really like nocturne's ultimate. It blacks out the screen and makes everyone run away because they are afraid you will attack them. I thought about that and I came up with an idea. The idea of a champion who could control light and manipulate it. A champion who instead of makes enemies fear him, makes them want to focus him down even more. This applies to the lore i gave him because no one really sees a use to this kind of ultimate that allows enemies to see you, but in my opinion, you are actually taunting your opponents to attack you and not your teammates because you seem to be a bigger threat, AND, of course, who doesn't want to kill a champion who can be seen even in a brush and gets stronger every second? In the lore, I chose to make him hate everyone because in my opinion, even light can be bad because it blinds people and reveals what shouldn't be revealed at times. Even though you can be seen, you gain tremendous range and are able to attack the enemy from far away because when day becomes night, the light will be the first and last thing you will see before you are assassinated. It also brings a twist to assassins who are supposed to run away after a kill.

Ideal Game Play - I think Randel would make a good jungler or top lane champion. He can dish out quite a bit of damage and use his ultimate to finish off enemies while in the jungle. He will be a lot like nocturne with his ultimate making the screen dark but also more challenging than nocturne because he will be seen as a threat when he uses Embodiment of Light. Since he has to last longer in order to gain damage, building tanky would be the right way to go. I decided to make Randel a late game champion who should be the center of attack. This is odd for an assassin type champion because assassins are champions that kill then run away as if nothing happened. Randel is a twist of that idea of an assassin. Instead of going after others, why not let them come to you? Randel can be seen as an angler fish that baits his target into thinking "Hey look he is in the open and alone. I can pick him off EASILY." This would set up for a easy gank with your teammates.
Some more questions would be, "How does he even compare to other assassins when he doesn't burst?" The answer to that would be that if every attack applies a bonus damage that can be stacked and you can flash every four hits plus an extra attack and an ultimate that finishes them off, that should deal A LOT of damage. Also his passive allows him to use his skills again to deal additional damage. He is a kill or be killed type Assassin. "Assassin's are supposed to be squishy." Well, look at Lee Sin and Poppy for example. They are labeled assassins but can tank VERY well.

Well this is it. I know its long but it is worthwhile of an idea. This might revolutionize the idea of assassins.