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I am from SR

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The Untold

Senior Member


From what ive learned hard push lane and sit in mid bushed for the jungle/top to try and gank you. I play a lot of zyra and this strat has destroyed some teams.

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Mr Pyotr



Most of your concerns are valid, and while they'll be eased as you learn to divert more attention to map awareness and MIAs, there's still a large element of uncertainty on the map. We're working to ease some of that on the design side with each upcoming patch, but in the meanwhile, I'd highly suggest you get in the habit of purchasing Hextech Sweeper on AP and Grez's Spectral Lantern on AD to cover your flanks.

It takes 5-10 seconds to gank another lane and its near impossible to avoid jungler ganks, MIAs and Map awareness dont help much

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Mansa TChalla

Senior Member


A noobs notes

Ghost Exh is really good on here for AD. Ghost is way better than flash in more situations for me. I like it a lot on here.

I think that the spectral lantern is stronger in comparison to hextech sweeper, because of the bonus DMG on minions. I always see AD's clearing jungle and lane minions really quick, but the actives work really well for winning tactical fights.

I still wish there was a normal draft. Last game I picked Vlad and got stomped by a swain... Kinda lost really hard because of Swains torment and ignite combo... If there was normal draft I would have definitely NOT picked Vlad. I would have went for a better AP or me and my pals could have traded lanes. I'm slowly learning more and more, and map awarness is very key here...

Also, in combination with BFT, wouldn't Swain be kind of strong???


That torment + BFT + ignite?