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[Champion Suggestion] Yaregh, the Growing Swarm

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Position: Mid, Support

Visual: Vaguely man-shaped with the entire body comprised of small particles (insects). Every so often the particles will swarm around him in different fashions.

Dance: Splits into two swarm portions and does a bee dance. (Bee Dance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7ijI-g4jHg))

Joke: "Yaregh, does NOT MAKE HONEY!"
"Yaregh was stuck to a fly trap once."

Taunt: "Yaregh has eaten others for much less."

Comment: "The swarm will grow."
"Who is Yaregh?"

Attack: "Consume for Yaregh!"

Health: 390 +85 per level (1920)
Health Regen: 6 +0.6 per level (16.8)
Mana: 220 +50 per level (1120)
Mana Regen: 6.5 +0.6 per level (17.3)
Range: 500
Attack Damage: 55 +3 per level (109)
Attack Speed: 0.6 + 2% per level
Armor: 16 + 4 per level (88)
Magic Resist: 30
Mov. Speed: 305

Name: Yaregh, the Growing Swarm

Passive: Swarm Behavior- Every 3rd spell causes your next spell
to have double the effect.

Q: Consume- Yaregh directs the swarm to attack the selected target for X
for x seconds and heals Yaregh for X.

W: Defend the Whole- The swarm shields the target and damages surrounding enemies. (if ally)
The swarm damages the target over x seconds, damages surrounding enemies and gives sight of target for x seconds (if enemy)

E: Hostile Command- Yaregh commands the swarm to an area to seek out enemies.
The swarm deals x damage to enemies in the area and slows for 10%. After x
seconds,the swarm returns to Yaregh.
(The swarm travels out from Yaregh, stays in the area, then returns to Yaregh. Any enemy caught in the path of the swarm is slowed. The swarm gives sight.)

R: Encompassing Swarm (Ult)- Yaregh disperses the swarm to surround the area around Yaregh and deals x
damage per second for x seconds. During this time, Yaregh cannot be targeted and takes X% less damage
from AoE.


Most insects are harmless to inhabitants of Valoran. However, insects in the Plague Jungles are an exception to the rule. Whether Yaregh is the name of the mass of insects or the individual the swarm first devoured is uncertain. What is certain, is one day, Yaregh began to gain sentience and left the Plague Jungles.

As the swarm traveled and grew, Yaregh began to question the concept of individuality and attempted to introduce itself as the individual "Yaregh" to the first town the swarm found. Assuming the swarm into an approximation of what Yaregh believed to be human, the townsfolk proceeded to attack Yaregh believing him to be the monster which had been attacking the town for weeks previously. Yaregh reacted instinctively, and proceeded to attack those who intended to hurt the swarm. After a couple hours, the town was virtually erased with Yaregh nowhere to be found. With the town decimated, Yaregh continued traveling with its emerging sense of individuality Still coping with its failure of interaction with others, Yaregh came across information of the League of Legends and of the champions which comprise it. Yaregh then gathered itself and left to present the swarm to the League.

"Yaregh is neither group or individual, the swarm is both."

I give up, this isn't going to go anywhere without feedback.