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Senior Member


yi... i see him go mid so much its not even funny. even at level 30 people take him mid

I recently went 20/5/8 as Yi Mid in ranked.

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Heimer is a beast in mid, I love him so much.

The problem with Heimer is that no one plays him enough to understand him. Everyone uses the EXACT SAME BUILD that they research on LoLpro that tells you to level up your missiles to 5 first, and use them all the time.

That is a TERRIBLE way to play Heimer. Most of his damage comes from his turrets, so level them up first, and keep missiles and stun even back and forth. Having level 5 turrets at level 8 is so OP.

I can farm one lane while ganking another, I can do blue buff without even being there, i can solo dragon at level 10, I can use turrets in bushes as wards, or to deter ganks...

Heimer players - stop using missile as your primary spell, and practice good turret placement! So much CS! So much damage!!!