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[Skin] Skarner -- hope you guys enjoy this one

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Today I was coming home from my Computer Science class so I was thinking about nothing, suddenly some League of Legends ideas came up. I do jungle since level 1, started to do it when I was level 1 with no masteries, runes nor nothing, there were tough times. Enjoyed Nocturne while it was free week and then I bought Nocturne, because I got good as Nocturne and some oponent Skarner was hard to beat, so I thought "what a cool champion!" And I bought it as well.
Well... I was thinking about a Skarner skin, I know that he came from a forbidden, exiled whatever place and have nothing correlationed with the void creatures, it would be lorelol so.
I thought in a Black/Purple Scorpion making allusion to a Black Scorpion and a Void scorpion as well, it would be the Void Skarner!
I just thought about his ult so far, lemme explain what I thought about it! When you use Impale(his R/Ult) you create a black hole from his sting that works according to:

-If the opponent dies by his impale damage or by your team damage while the oponent is impaled it opens a Black Hole that absorbs the fallen opponent.
-If the opponent don't die by his impale by any mean the Black Hole just close and end of it.

My question about this particle thing is, is the algorithm really hard to program to work like I mentioned? Could it be done by the Riot Programmers? Don't know if it is possible with the riot codes based on ''IF, THEN."
Well this is my idea, hope you guys enjoy and thanks.
Sorry for my rusty english, hope you guys can understand!