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Coyote AD bruiser/assassin

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I have never posted here before, so I apologize if my formatting, or the general post doesn't appease the viewers. I was laying in bed last night and realized that the league lacked a wolf champion so I couldn't sleep until I had figured out this champion. I specifically had coyotes in mind while I planned this out. Not really familiar with how to fairly balance damage, buffs, etc. so any feedback would be nice. I'm not sure what to call each of the abilities, or even the champion so I just left it all blank. Cooldowns and costs were also ignored because I'm not so sure about any of this. This champion would likely be played as an AD bruiser/assassin that would excel in top and jungle.

Passive - Damage dealt to isolated targets is increased by 20/30/40%.

Active: _____'s next basic attack will deal an additional 30/45/60/80/100 (.4 AD) (+5% maximum health) physical damage. If this attack kills the unit, ____ is permanently granted 6 HP. If this ability leaves the target with less than 50% health, then the unit will experience a 35% slow and a DoT will be applied for 3 seconds. This DoT debuff deals 5% of the targets current health each second for the remainder of the slow (minimum of 15/25/40/75/100 damage).

Passive: ____ is granted 5% lifesteal and spellvamp.
Active: _____ lets out a howl empowering all nearby allies and pack members granting them 15/25/35/45/60% attack speed and doubling the passive effect (aura) for 4 seconds.

Active: _____ sees her prey and gains a movement speed boost 20/30/40/50/60% while running toward an enemy champion. Upon next attack, ______ will knock her target back. This movement speed boost is doubled when out of an opponents vision, and halved when running away from an enemy.

Active: Upon first activation, ______ summons a pack of wolves (5 - can be targeted) to fight around her for 8 seconds. As the wolves arrive, all enemies are feared for 0.5/1/2 seconds. While active, ______'s attack damage is increased by 25/45/60 and she is granted armor penetration.
Upon second activation, ________ and her pack leap to a target enemy champion and crippling their abilities. The targets attack, and movement speed is reduced by 40/50/60% for 4 seconds. During this time, ____ deals 2% of the targets maximum health per wolf attached each second (5 wolves + ____ = 12% each second) for 4 seconds. ______ cannot attack or cast abilities duration, but a third activation will cancel the bite.

If any of the numbers seem off it's because they probably are. I tried to used other champions as a guideline for how much damage is appropriate, but I get the feeling that these may be a bit too strong.

If anyone has some clever champion/ability names, let me know!

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interesting concept but your numbers are ridiculously op, and take alot of the best parts of ww, sion, nasus, kha-zix and rengar.

the passive it way too high, and it's pretty much kha zix passive but better.. (not sure the exact numbers on his passive) what could be better is you could give him slightly different skill effects depending on how many pack members he has with him, or each one gives him a buff of some kind...

That Q would stack up so fast, and the champ would just be tanky/healty as balls, (kinda like sion) plus the debuff after would just eat through people even w/o that much ad. get rid of that second half of the passive with the slow or make it just a slow not a dot as well, and reduce the ratios a bit and say maybe.... 2-3 hp per kill.... unless it's just on champs, or say 2/creep and 3/champ kill cuz Idk if you've ever seen a properly farmed nasus at about 30 - 40 min, but I can have up to 500 on my q by then and that's at 3/kill, maybe with hp you can take it to 4, at max I would say but I would say 6 is too high.

the W isn't too bad, but that's basically ww W on steroids, maybe if it was a small passive increase in atsd, and activation gave the passive to everyone around you plus just life steal.

your E take all the best parts of rengers ult/ww E, hecarems (charge) and vaynes passive...
aka a little too rediculas, it could work better if you gave just the vision and the knock back, depending on your own speed to catch up, or remove the knock back but take the speed buff, but then it pretty much is ww E + a smaller speed buff to run away. Only difference I guess is that ww is a toggle and this would be an active... even so it would have to have a vary short duration and a fairly long cd to be balanced.

now about your Ult....
that 2s fear... 2s can be a long time, plus it's an aoe fear, and then has a gap closer, a slow, a silence and a dot all in one.... that's alot of cc

now the idea of summoning a pack of wolves to freak people out is awesome so the fear is understandable, even the aoe fear but max 1.5 sec might be better especial if you really want that gape closer. so i would say maybe, have the aoe fear and make the second activation the gape closer, but end it at that, if you go with the passive was talking about your other skills will probably be sufficient to destroy a single target. I'm guessing that was what you where going for in team fights, fearing them all and jumping the carry? also I would say make it 3 wolves. would make the passive I mentioned work better w/o being rediculas (have you see elise in spider for take a tower, with 5 wolves you would just eat all the things really quickly) also then you can have it where every time you leveled your ult you would get another wolf/pack member,

also just a statement no you saying that league had no wolf champs... umm warick is a werewolf, not exactly just wolf but still wolf-ish.

I sill like the idea, but we have alot of tanky bruser/assassins atm...