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MadCast Open #5

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I Have Awakened

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Welcome to all for MadCast's 5th annual MadCast Open. We've had a lot of fun in previous tourneys and hope that this month's installment is better than ever.

Registration Requirements

Go to MadCastGaming.com (http://www.madcastgaming.com/forum/showthread.php?10642-MadCast-Open-5) and sign up in that thread.
Sign-ups start November 15th and end December 13th
Must play on the NA Server
Must be Summoner Level 30.
Free Agent Summoners must have at least 400 games played. (Ranked and Normals combined)
Any MadCast member may participate regardless of level or games played.
No entry fee required.

Tournament Rules

1. All rounds are bo1, single elimination except for the championship and third place match which is a bo3. This tournament is a 5v5 tournament. All games will be played on Summoner's Rift in tournament draft mode, which will include standard bans.

2. The tournament will be played on Decemberr 15th, 2012. All teams will be expected to be present staring at 2:30 PM EST for a 3:00 PM EST start time. All games will be played on Saturday, December 15th or Sunday December 16th. Teams will check in by 2:45pm EST games will begin promptly at 3pm EST. Each round will take place on the hour (Round 1 at 3:00, Round 2 at 4:00, etc.) Teams have until 15 minutes after the designated start time to begin a game. If a team fails to show by that time they will forfeit the match.

3. This tournament is open to Staff, SFMs, RFMs, FMs, [C]s, and any and all other friends of MadCast. Feel free to inform your friends that they are welcome to play. All individuals prohibited in the last tournament are now welcome. This tournament will run with a maximum of 32 teams, thus it will have 5 rounds.

4. The format of the tournament will be single elimination.

5. All disputes will be settled by the tournament organizers - Myself and other MadCast admins who choose not to participate by playing. Our decision will be final.

6. Players who carry themselves in a disrespectful manor during the event will receive an automatic ban from the next event, as well as other potential consequences to be determined later after consultation with other admins. These penalties could be severe. Do not ruin this tournament for your fellow players by being that person. If you sign up, be prepared to spend the evening playing respectfully. Likewise for consistent disconnections. You are responsible for your connection.

7. The tournament's final game as well as other games dependent on availability may be casted by MadCast's media team. Games chosen for casting will be at the team's discretion if casting is arranged. The winning team's captain shall make themselves available for interview with the casting team at the conclusion of the championship match if so requested.

8. All teams shall have a designated team captain. The captain will be the only person who communicates with other team captains and the tournament organizers for tournament business. Team captains are also responsible for registering their team in this thread. Registrations for teams must be submitted on or by August 23, 2012 and cannot be altered after that point. Teams shall register with a full five players.

9. Teams shall begin and finish all tournament matches with the same five players. Teams have the option of registering with a sixth player, deemed a Team Alternate. This player may replace any team member at the start of any game. Teams are not required to have a Team Alternate. A Team Alternate may not register with any other team or as a free agent. Conversely, teams are obligated to play any team that has shown up short because of an emergency. If no emergency has occurred or a player refuses to play that team will forfeit.

10. Registrations for free agents will be accepted up until September 25th, 2012. Free agents will be used to create extra teams via individuals who were unable to secure a team for themselves. Free agents are NOT guaranteed a spot in the competition. Free agents shall check this thread the night of September 27th, 2012 to see if they are selected for a team and post acknowledging their availability

11. All teams must abide by the MadCast Code of Conduct at all times while participating in the tournament.

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