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Adding Item Values to Your Champion's Current Stats and Your Enemies' Stats

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The title is a bit self explanatory, but the reason behind it is that it would simplify the math behind stats such as attack speed and deciding to build more raw damage or some type of penetration. For example:

Lets say a ranged AD carry with 100 AD and 1.0 ASPD reads the info of the Infinity Edge from the current patch. They would see this information below the stats and passive.

Current Champion Stats | Modified Stats
100 AD ---> 180 AD
0% Crit Chance ---> 20% Crit Chance
200% Autoattack Damage on Critical Strike ---> 250% AD damage on Crit Strike
200 Autoattack Damage on Crit ---> 450 Autoattack Damage on Crit
100 Damage Per Second ---> 270 Damage Per Second

This would help new players identify high damage items with greater ease.

Another related suggestion would be to give an overview of how the item will affect ability damage and/or passive. I would envision this information popping up as you mouse over abilities while purchasing an item so that you don't have a massive wall of stats to browse through and can just see the relevant info if you are looking at a specific ability (or maybe both since a complete survey of the changes might be more useful in certain instances). For this example I will use an itemless Level 18 Riven buying a Youmu's Ghostblade under its current live stats (nonoptimal I know, but it will showcase how I envision this store change interacting with different stats):

Runic Blade

Current Ability | Modified Ability
15 Physical Damage ---> 30 Physical Damage

Broken Wings

Current Ability | Modified Ability

130 Physical Damage per Strike ---> 157 Physical Damage Modified per Strike
390 Physical Damage Total ---> 461 Physical Damage Modified Total
13 Second Cooldown ---> 11.05 (1.95 Second Reduction) Second Cooldown

Ki Burst

Current Ability | Modified Ability

170 Physical Damage ---> 200 Physical Damage Modified
7 Second Cooldown ---> 5.95 (1.05 Second Reduction) Second Cooldown


Current Ability | Modified Ability

180 Hitpoint Shield ---> 210 Hitpoint Shield
6 Second Cooldown ---> 5.1 (0.9 Second Reduction) Second Cooldown

Blade of the Exile

Current Ability | Modified Ability

20.7 Bonus AD ---> 26.7 Bonus AD

And possibly list the modified values for each of her abilities while using her ulti. I know that this requires alot of resources and time (particularly because of the wealth of mechanics involved in champion abilities), but it would help new players grasp the exact effects that their purchases have on their champions without having to buy ineffective items and have to grind through a poor game because of it.

Another idea I had was that you could type in the name of a champion on the enemy team and then find out how much damage/CC effect/CC duration/etc. they receive when you use abilities or autoattacks on them based on the levels and items that they have on them at the last point that they have appeared on your minimap. And then combine this with my last idea to test different items against the opponent that you are facing without having to buy them. Lots more work, but I think it would also help less experienced players in finding the right counter items.

I know I can't expect these changes in the upcoming patch (if they are even considered) but they seemed to me to be rather effective ways to help new players in grasping the item system. It would also help experienced players by relieving them of having to do imprecise calculations based on armor and armor pen/armor penetration numbers and current damage off the top of their head >_>.

EDIT: Revised because of forum display errors.

EDIT 2: Also, I like to see big numbers. Seeing my autoattacks as Trist take a quarter of my opponent's life on crit in the chop would definitely be nice to see while mousing over an Infinity Edge