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Journey of the 12 Champions

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This is my first fan fiction, so, feel free to comment and tell me ways to improve.
Also, for those of you who would like to read more, I can normally post about one chapter a week.
If I am lucky, I can post more, but, if I have things to do, well... You get the point.

Journey of the 12 Champions
Chapter 1 (Fizz)

“Feeding time!” Fizz yelled, as his mighty shark dove deep down into the ocean. The shark had eaten an entire school of fish and swam up to his master right after.

Fizz jumped onto his shark’s back as soon as he surfaced, but was soon compelled to look upon the magnificent sunset. Fizz looked up into the radiant yellow-orange sky and then down to the glistening waters.

“Whoa!” was all Fizz could say as he sat there looking around.

After what seemed like an hour of admiring nature, Fizz commanded his shark to go to the port of Bilgewater.

Fizz stood up on his shark with splashes of water shooting back from his shark’s left and right side. Fizz held his magically glowing blue staff and traveled home in such a stance and look, that made anyone who set their eyes upon him, believe he was the hero of the world.

Fizz jumped off the shark to land on solid ground. Then, with a radiating blue glow from his trident, the shark became a small green figure made of water, that swam in the air, and into the trident.

Fizz lifted his head, expecting a greeting, but found the port abandoned and missing its joyous feeling. Fizz walked across the land and found that each home was abandoned and empty.

“Where is everybody?” Fizz called, “Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Nautilus?”

The town was abandoned just like his original home, Atlantis. Fizz looked down to the floor with a deep mixture of emotion, fear, despair, confusion, and surprisingly curiosity. Fizz lifted his head up to see a lush green forest and started walking toward it.

“The tide turns.” Fizz said smiling, he had just gotten his first clue.

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Chapter 2 (Fizz)

Days later, Fizz walk into another forest, yet unlike the first one, this one set his senses on edge. Fizz held his trident ready within his hands and released his shark to swim around him as he walked on with his very keen senses. Fizz continued to walk through the forest cautiously until finally seeing the end.

Fizz jumped back as a hungry wolf-man pounced. Fizz quickly scanned the beast finding a weakness in his leap. Fizz dove toward the wolf-man before he could land and trusted his trident up into the wolf’s stomach. He remembered something about the wolf-man as it rolled over to the ground to prepare for another strike.

Looking at his eyes, Fizz saw the rage and insanity that Warwick possessed. Fizz ran for the opening and threw his shark at the wolf, yelling, “Feeding Time”. Instantly, Warwick was slowed and then pushed up into the air. The wolf-man leaped at Fizz growling with rage, right before the shark closed his jaws.

From much experience in his adventures, Fizz jumped onto his trident and dodged Warwick. Then he flung himself out of the forest and into the open. Looking up, Fizz saw an armored figure with an anchor in his hand. The figure was sitting next to a large boulder with a clear stream running in front of him.

“Nautilus!” Fizz yelled as he dodged attack after attack. The armored figure moved immediately, throwing his anchor at the wolf-man. The anchor knocked Warwick a full twenty feet away, causing the beast to run back into the forest. The Beast howled with rage but was too injured to come out.

“Nautilus, you're alive!” Fizz called with joy.

“You are as well.” Nautilus spoke with a bit of relief in his echoing voice.

After Nautilus sat down, Fizz asked, “Where is everyone?”

“It appears that a great evil creature came and annihilated all the inhabitants but six who had extreme luck. That is, however, is including us, so there are four others.” Nautilus explained.

“Do you know who?” Fizz asked with hope rising.

“No, I do not.” the armored man said sadly. “Fizz.” Nautilus said, as he pulled Fizz back before he could run off. “I suggest for you to go to the temple within the majestic jungle first, for that it may provide the answers you seek.” The Tidal Trickster nodded and was pulled back again. “The majestic jungle is past that forest, over a body of water, and right past the mountain.” Nautilus said as he pointed with his large hand, “And be careful, there are dangers that very few have lived to tell the tale.”

Fizz grew excited about a new adventure and hurriedly ran across the open, lush, grassy meadow. “This is it, a great and grand adventure.” Fizz thought to himself while he jumped into the forest.

“He still has much to learn about his prophecy.” Nautilus said, getting up and putting the anchor over his shoulder. “Is that who I think it is!” Nautilus exclaimed as he started walking towards a ship in the far distance.

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Chapter 3 (Wukong)

Wukong opens his eyes to see a clear, majestic blue sky. He remained sitting on his fluffy cloud as he spun around to look at his surroundings. He was among the highest point of the tropical forest, seeing many tempting green tree tops to jump onto.

The sun was incredibly luminous, while all the life under and around him seemed to, surprisingly, live in harmony. Wukong slid down the tree and grabbed a hold of a vine. He swung around a few times from vine to vine, until he began his descent again. Wukong jumped back onto the tree grabbing a hold of some sturdy flora.

“This place is much better than the Plague Jungles.” Wukong said as he looked around to see that every part of the forest was heavily filled will flora and fauna. “They all live in harmony, and yet, there are so many.”

After a hour of climbing down, swinging on vines, and jumping, Wukong finally reaches the lower section. He landed on soft lush plants that covered the ground entirely, only to jump back up as a giant plant with large teeth chomped the air where he was just at a second ago.

“Many dangers from above and below.” He stated as a snake slithered down to bite him. Wukong whacked it with his staff and jumped onto a vine that was not a vine. It hissed causing Wukong to throw it to the ground where that same plant was and it had eaten it.

“Perfect for training.” He spent forty five minutes leaping and attacking on his way back up. Then all the sudden, he was kicked of his vine. Wukong landed on another tree and started to jump from tree to tree, vine to vine, to confuse his attacker.

“Caw!” Five of his bird friends came down to attack the unknown creature. “No!” Wukong yelled as he tried to save them, however, they were eaten if a few seconds.

“What the...” Wukong was rarely surprised, but this truly was shocking. Rengar lunged at the creature, slicing and then stealthy land on another branch below. “He’s mine!” Wukong yells.

“No, this is my prey!” Rengar spoke as he stuck the creature again. After that, the creature extended his arm so far that it grabbed Wukong and pulled him close. As this happened, it caught Rengar in mid flight and slammed him down. Then the creature showed its true form, a monster of great power, and threw both champions one hundred feet away.

They both were stunned on impact to the tree and agreed on something, “We take him together.” they said in unison. Wukong jumped, climbed, and swung back to the monster while Rengar went below and lept from branch to branch. Even with pure determination, it took them about twenty minutes to reach it.

Wukong reached the monster first and sent a clone at it. Immediately, the clone was destroyed into a cloud of smoke that Wukong used as a short cover. He stuck the monster in the back, however, two seconds after the monster was struck, it punched him with so much raw power that he flew through the tree. As Wukong landed onto another tree stunned, Rengar landed his Bola and stuck fast, high, and low.

“I will be the best!” Wukong shouted as he started to get up. Wukong jumped back to the tree and sent not one but two clones at the creature. Rengar jumped back, however, despite that, the monster extended his arm to deliver a fatal blow. A clone kicked Rengar out of the way as it was utterly destroyed.

The creature was deeply injured from all the blows and cuts, yet, it still fought on. The creature crushed a clone in mid flight as Wukong dealt a blow that used almost every ounce of his strength. The creature fell and Wukong pointed his staff at its throat. Ready to extend it for a fatal blow.

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Chapter 4 (Annie and Leona)

“Can I go to the bakery?” Annie pleaded for the fiftieth time of the week.

“Fine.” her mother finally said, as she was washing the dishes.

“Thank you so much!” Annie spoke with excitement. “Do you want me to bring back some delicious pastry.”

“Just remember to come back first thing tomorrow, ok?” her mother said with a hint of worry on her face.

“I will.” Annie replied with joy. Annie walked back into her room sat on her bed with Tibbers. “We finally get to go!” Annie spoke with pure joy. Tibbers sent a mental message, asking Annie to get him some temptingly seasoned bread when they get there. “I will.” Annie said, while smiling and hugging Tibbers.

A moment later, she saw a bright white flash that made her cover her face. Annie blinked a couple of times and rubbed her eyes, finding that she was in one of the many halls of the League of Legends.

“Are you ready?” Leona asked with a ring of kindness in her voice as she walked towards Annie.

“Yes!” Annie said. She was practically jumping with excitement. “Please stop, you're shaking me too much.” Tibbers was willing Annie to stop. At this, Annie stopped jumping, but kept a wide excited smile on her face. Tibbers gave a mental sigh as he relaxed.

Leona crouched down and tilted Annie’s chin up. “I know you very excited to meet Lux and visit the bakery, but please be careful.” Leona said softly in a very motherly like way.

“I know.” Annie said, more calm now than before. Leona and Annie walk to the summoning platform and asked the summoners to teleport them to to Demacia. Leona covered Annie’s eyes as a white flash of light appeared and moved her hands away when they were in the middle of Demacia.

Both of them were very surprised face after seeing what the grand city looked like. Leona guided Annie in search of a well known baker, that she was good friends with. They both walked around the city, discovering skyscrapers, beautiful scenery, and many, many interesting buildings. Both of them, however, were a lost and could not find the bakery.

Soon, people began to notice Annie and whisper behind their backs. Demacians start to spread news of a strange pair that have been roaming their city. Then all the sudden, someone found out who the little girl in purple was and yelled that the Dark Child was in their town.

News of the Dark Child spread like a wild fire. Within an hour, everyone in Demacia knew about them. Suddenly, a group of men shout out to Annie many horrible insults, but like a guardian angel, Leona protected her from them and prevented Annie from knowing what was said.

Then a sign came into view as they continued walking. “Spartain’s Bakery” the sign had said, and with a smaller text at the bottom, “Where paradise is born.” Leona smiled and quickly pulled Annie in so no one will see where they are.

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I did use some ideas from the story:
The Mastery of Doran's Blade
(Read my comment to find out which.)

The latest parts of the story "The Mastery of Doran's Blade" is here:

Chapter 5
“What is mana?” Garen asked again.

Lux sighed, “You really are clueless aren't you, it is magic.”

“Can you tell me how I got my three floating shields in battle?” he asked.

“Well, you do not know how to access a mana pool, so there must be an outside force supporting you...” There was a loud knock on the door. Garen quickly stood up and walked out of the kitchen to the front door.

“Who is it.” Garen called.

“I am a normal citizen sir, however, we have a big problem.” the man said.

Garen opened the door, “What is it?” he asked.

“The Dark Child is in our city!” the man proclaimed.

“Do you know where she is?” Garen replied.

“No, we lost her.” the man said.

“Leave us, Luxanna and I will get ready.”

The man nodded and ran off. “Can you believe that the Dark Child had the nerve to show up in the middle of our city!” Garen said closing the door, getting angrier by the moment.

Lux spoke normally, “Calm down...” She was interrupted with Garen’s outburst, “Calm down! A Noxian is within our city.”

“She is my friend.” Lux said suddenly. Garen could not speak from shock. “How can she be your friend, Noxian and Demacian.” Garen said confused. “This friendship could lead to treason.”

“Well, her family technically left Noxas and decided to live as a different group. We also meet many times on the Field of Justice, where I grew very fond of her.” Lux said finding a loophole. “Can you please convince Jarven to allow her to stay in Demacia?”

“She is the enemy.” Garen stated. “But she is also a close friend. I am willing to guide her and make sure she does not do anything horrible.” Lux said confidently.

“Still, Jarven will not like this.” Garen said still questioning her, “Many of the Demacians will be after the Noxian.”

“I will also take full responsibility for any damages or leaking of information, if any.” Lux stated.

“One more thing” Garen said with a smile, “Beg.” There was silence in the room.

Lux said with a little hint of irritation in her voice, “Don’t tell anyone of this brother.”

“I don’t think you're in any position to negotiate.” Garen said, clearly loving this.

“Wipe that grin of your face.” Lux said as her last act of defiance, “I, Luxanna Crownguard, beg thee, Garen Crownguard, to convince, Jarven the third, king of Demacia, into allowing Annie Hustler, the Dark Child, to remain in Demacia safely.”

Garen laughed for that even though he would not admit it, he usually was the one begging her for things. “I will do as you ask, if it means that much to you.” Garen said with a grin on his face.

“It means quite a lot.” Lux said as they went to their rooms and put on their equipment. Lux ran down the stairs and open the door. “Be careful, Luxanna” Garen said with a bit of worry.

She smiled thinking, “My brother actually cares about me.” as she left the house.

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Chapter 6 (Wukong)

“Looks like I win.” Wukong said, “Any last words?”

The creature faded into the air with a mocking smile. “We will find you and kill the rest of the chosen.” the creature’s words hung in the air leaving Wukong in shock.

He quickly recovered and called down to the forest, “Rengar, are you alright?” Rengar jumped up to the branch angrily replying, “You kicked me of the branch and into a long fall down!”

Wukong smiled, “At least I saved you.”

Rengar grumbled, “Where did that monster go?”

Wukong expression turned grim, “He disappeared with a threat. It also appears that there are many more of them and that they will hunt us down.”

Rengar looked at him with surprise, “What do you suggest we do?”

“I say it is time we took a journey to the majestic jungle surrounding the Temple of Alineror.” Wukong said, “We must prepare.”

Rengar nodded, and they both jumped from tree to tree. The days went by normally, constant travel, small stops to find food, and resting. One day, however, was one of the most greatest, yet terrifying experience they had ever seen.

“Screech!” Both Rengar and Wukong woke up in shock and fear to see a massive Dragonhawk staring at them. It opened its flaming beak which could have eaten them with a few tall trees whole. Letting out another deafening screech, it flew at them with amazing speed.

“Run!” Wukong yelled, as he jumped off the tree, desperately trying to get away. Rengar did the same, running, jumping, and then hiding near the lower part of the forest. Wukong sent many clones away to distract the creature and then hid behind some moist plants.

“Screech!” Wukong resisted the urge to check where the Dragonhawk was. “Screech.” This time, it was distant. Wukong peaked around the tree and then immediately wished that he never did.

“Screech!” The Dragonhawk flew towards them with its immense wings spicing the tree tops. Before Wukong could move, the Dragonhawk caught him with its claws, pulling Wukong through the tree and into the air.

Rengar looked up to the sky and leaped away, from tree to tree. Rengar jumped for his life, until three large, golden claws pulled him back while in mid flight.

Wukong and Rengar looked each other in the eyes, both of them were afraid of what was going to happen next.

“What do we have here, The Pridestalker and The Monkey King.” The Dragonhawk said. Wukong and Rengar looked at each other in complete confusion.

“Tell me, why are you traveling in my territory?” the Dragonhawk asked.

Rengar was unable to speak as he tried to formulate words, so, Wukong spoke, “We seek the Temple of Alineror which is surrounded by the majestic jungle.”

“You speak the truth. Why is it that you wish to go there?” the Dragonhawk spoke questioningly. “We seek to get stronger so that, when the monsters we had faced before return, we will be ready.” Wukong stated.

“They are just the beginning, mere scouts of their leader who destroys all life for an energy called life force.”

Wukong and Rengar remained silent, taking this new information in.

“I will take you there, but be warned, there are many dangers out there.” The Dragonhawk flew across the forest with its magnificent wings leaving a beautiful blazing orange, fire trail in the air.

Wukong looked around him, realising for the first time, how sad it would be to leave his great home. “I will be the best.” He reminded himself, however, that still did not ease the feeling.

Wukong took a quick glance at the Dragonhawk. It was of the same race as the Phoenix Dragon, however, the Dragonhawk was not a living inferno and could not be reborn yet. Then, Wukong discovered another thing, the Dragonhawk was a female for that she was caring enough to help them. Looking at the fiery wings, Wukong predicted that the Dragonhawk would become a Phoenix Dragon in year.

Wukong admired the view below them, whispering to himself, “This is truly, a rare, and amazing experience.”

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Senior Member


nobody has commented on this yet? very well let me break the ice.

Honest opinion, although I had only read chapter so far (don't worry i'll finish it!) I believe this story truly is amazing and i hope it contiunes to be, as the title foreshadows, there will be interaction between champions?

I am a huge fan of champion interaction and group adventures, adventuring is much more fun with friends!

Oh yeh, btw, try to use more adjectives to describe the background! And please try to cut down on excess foreshadowing such as.. "Later he will regret it" foreshadowing should be faint and not a straight up "Hey! Be expecting 'this' later on!"

One more thing, please use more pronouns, it is often irritating for people to read Bob did this. Bob did that. Bob died, but Bob was also revived. Bob met Jane. Bob and Jane had fun.

Using he, she, them more often can really make it look better and also, don't be afraid of long sentences! If a character is doing a sequence of events, put it in 1 sentnce and seperate by a comma.

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Thank you ChoasDragons for all the great advise!

Feel free to tell me if there is anything else I can do to improve.

When I have more time, I may edit the past chapters.
Chapter 7 (Lulu and Pix)

“Come on, hurry up!” Lulu yelled excitedly as she ran up the grassy, meadow like hill, “It’s just over this hill!”

Lulu sat down when she reached the top, smelling and studying the army of orange, blue, and yellow swaying flowers. It was an amazing sight that compelled her to feel at peace.

She turned her head to the right and saw Bandle City in the distance. Lulu quickly remembered that the yordles there would not allow their children to play with her.

“They won’t allow them to have any fun!” She exclaimed, though her definition of fun was either visiting a special place, or turning them into squirrels and beginning the chase.

Lulu turned her head to the left to see a calm steam that glistened while it reflected a blue sky with clouds that were strangely shaped like arrows. There were three small waterfalls fairly close to her, which produced such a sound that could make the hardest workers on Runeterra relax.

All of the sudden, a gust of wind blew her reddish maroon wizard hat off her head and towards the forest in front of her.

Lule quickly got up and pulled it back with the tip of her wooden staff. The soft fabric landed back onto her head just as her Faerie companion, Pix, landed on her shoulder.

Pix fluttered his perfectly symmetrical wings and lead the way into the forest. Lulu could not help, but think, how Pix looked like a purple butterfly to the average, unsuspecting yordle, as she followed him.

After about ten minutes of walking, Lulu spotted a purple squirrel running across the forest. “That squirrel looks familiar.” she said, with a hint of wonder in her voice.

Lulu and Pix followed the squirrel to a small, magical, light blue pond. It had lush green flora growing around it, which somehow reminded her about the hill. Four more purple squirrels were in a circle near the pond.

They all looked up from their card game and stared at her for a moment. Immediately the squirrels dropped all their cards and scattered in directions.

She chased them all around the forest, into cool rivers, leafy bushes, and up tall trees. She had the time of her life. When she lost them, her Fae friend would grant her vision of one, and the game would begin again.

Pix eventually told her to stop, “We should go back to the Fae land now.” he said.

Lulu nodded and chased the squirrels back into a group. She then turned them back into five laughing yordle children.

The five yordle children all said in complete unison, “Thank you for game, see you next week!” and ran back to Bandle City.

After a moment of watching them go off back home, Lulu stated, “I’m hungry.”

She looked around for food, and then suddenly, something shiny caught her eye. She quickly sprinted towards it.

Lulu asked Pix if the rich violet berries on the green leafy bush were safe. Receiving a yes, she sampled some of the berries, “Mmmm, tastes like purple!” she exclaimed.

“What?” a creature suddenly spoke in confusion. Lulu quickly turned it into a fox before it could run away.

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Senior Member


Very Very well written I take my hat off to you kind sir