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So Zed...Not sure I'm doing it right.

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SKT1 Seto Kaiba

Senior Member


So I like Zed on Dom, sure he isn't omg pubstompish if enemy team has cc but hes cool bot lane or top.

I'm running so far..

Armor Pen reds,
Flat armor yellow,
Magic res scaling blue
AD Quints

I'm using 19/11 Masteries taking 1 point on CDR and 2 points of Indomtiable on Def Tree. I've tired 21/9 but I didn't like it I felt too squish.

I start off with Prop blade with boots and hp pots. My usual build is Ninja Tabi/CDR boots/ Merc. Early game build is usually hexdrinker, Brutalizer, Vamp and late game build is usually most AD caster items. Mid game you do want to pick up a LW.

Skill order is R>E>W>Q. The % AD is really helpful imo and the shadow for setting up ult is key.

I go Revive/Exhaust/ignite for summoners.

I don't know if this helps just an idea.

Full Build Zed is:
Ninja Tabi/CDR boots/MERC
Saguine Blade
Tri Force
Omen/Sunfire/Saguine/IE/Oydn Viel

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SKT1 Seto Kaiba

Senior Member



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Senior Member


I wouldn't run Zed in bottom lane. He has trouble trading with most bruisers. He's probably OK against the squishier mages and short-range carries, so he'd probably work in Draft if you come across something like that.

Top he's pretty good, especially at picking off backline squishies. He has some trouble cutting through armor late game, you have to constantly pay attention to what's happening to the enemy's equipment and make sure you're selecting the right targets.

I go for a very anti-armor kind of build:

Choice boots
Last Whisper
Senguine Blade

sprinkled with some cheap defensive items.