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[SUGGESTION] Golden Indicators

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EDIT: This is probably in the wrong place. I'm putting it in Champion Discussion. It kind of seemed UI to me though.

Map awareness and being able to discern what goes on during a team fight are essential skills that every new player much come to possess in order to reach more competitive forms of play. In my experience as a new player, and more specifically as a Zilean player playing with people of my own experience level e.g. newer to average players, I have noticed that players tend to not have the correct instinct when receiving the buff from my ult. They tend to be at low health when I ult them and begin to run away when they should continue to fight. This is due to the fact that Zilean tends to be underplayed so they are unfamiliar with him and that the in-game indicator is somewhat difficult to see when a player is busy focusing on skill-shots and life totals. Both of these concerns may be addressed by a simple change, not in mechanics but in user interface.

What I propose is a slight modification to the ui indicator for Zilean's ult. Just as a player sees a semi-transparent red border as they reach lower health, a player with Zilean's buff should see a semi-transparent gold border which lasts for the duration of the buff and diminishes in intensity as the end of the buff timer approaches.

This simple change using already-existing game elements would make Zilean a much easier champion to use and play with on your team.