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Roughly 2000+ games, first warning @Rioter

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So i just received my very first warning I've ever gotten in League of Legends with roughly 2,000+ games of League of Legends (including all types and styles of play, ie. Dominion, Classics, Ranked Games etc.) under my belt. I sent a request to league support and received just a bunch of links from Syn (a Rioter) pretty much linking me to a bunch of FAQs about the tribunal and the summoners code. Even after arguing my case to him he continue to ignore the evidence I had given him and just continued linking me to the summoner's code with no effort to specifically look at my case. Eventually Syn (same Rioter) told me, pretty much, to go away and the case was closed and just linked me to these forums. I won't change what i wrote in the support request to Syn to try and buy favor from the forums and will copy paste EXACTLY (with the exception of a typo change from "men" to "me" and from "playern" to "player&quot what i wrote in my support messages.

For reference: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/case/5953596/#nogo
These are the 5 games which constituted the case against me. To preface what i'm about to copy paste I would like to say I do not condone all my actions in these games and want to make that point abundantly clear. They are extremely rare situations which is why I went through the effort of doing all this research and all this writing.

"Ok, time to dispute this because a few of these cases are very sketchy to say the least. For example game 3, the message from the ally was: "telling me im on my period, it really hurt my feelings." which was not in the chat log at all. Also in that game if you actually read, I didn't flame at all. I remember that game. The sona flamed nonstop then went afk. My team was happy with me and even consoled me after the loss telling me it wasn't my fault and that was the reason i said in all chat to report the sona because the other team didn't have the honor of hearing the amount of non-stop bickering from her. Alright, now game 4, I literally had to give control of the game to my roommate because I had to go due to unforeseen events. If you would prefer i leave without saying anything then tell me and I'll be happy to do that if such an event arises in the future. I did my best to assure the team would still have a 5v5 even if my roommate was new to the game, he plays because i introduced him (YOUR WELCOME RIOT). Game 1, not making excuses, that was pretty bad on my part and I am ashamed of how i acted there. I'm fairly certain the prevailing majority to punish was because that particular game was the first match people saw and it was an obvious punish after seeing that game through a linear perspective not looking at the others. Game 2, look at my teams scores. I know that's not justification for the language i used but that language use was very scarce and I was not aiming to personally offend, I just needed to vent. Game 5 is the most similar to game 1, not by situation in game but by severity of offense. I was having a bad day and was tabbed out changing music while there was a million pings on me because i hadn't moved or bought items yet and back pings going on which i can hear while tabbed out. I was out and moving by the time dominion begins at 1:19 which you can see if you watch the video of the game and asked if my teammates could stop pinging because they were pinging directly on me just to annoy me further even after i asked them to stop even as I was moving upwards to the windmill to help secure the capture. I didn't intend to afk when i said that. I just said it to try and show my seriousness and hopefully stop them from trolling me with nonstop pings. I have shown definitive flaws in at least two of these accusations brought forth against me and with the amount of games I play, the two games which were the worst were VERY rare."
-November 19, 2012 00:00

"I, however, want to know more about the actual system because as far as i'm concerned there are 5 cases presented to a public audience with gives incentive to punish or pardon a person. I definitively showed you 2 cases (game 3 and game 4) at which i was NOT at fault in the slightest reducing the number of cases against me from 5 to 3 which is not the requirement of 5 cases given to every other summoner to create a tribunal case. If you make rules I expect you abide by them as well."
-November 19, 2012 18:51

"I have also done you the justice of copying and pasting this from the Tribunal FAQ (https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/20075032-tribunal-faq)

"Q: I just got reported. Does this mean I will be reviewed by the Tribunal?

A: It depends, but generally the answer is “no.” Players are only reviewed by the Tribunal if there is significant evidence to support a need for their behavior to be reviewed. Our system takes a variety of factors into account when reviewing player reports; therefore getting reported once is unlikely to land you in front of the Tribunal."

- Without games 3 and 4 being included in this case against me there would not have been "significant evidence to support a need for their behavior to be reviewed," and I would not have been warned by the tribunal

"New accounts are judged more stringently than veterans."

With the exemption of the 2 games I have proven to NOT be at fault in there is not enough evidence to bring forth against me a "veteran player" which i'm sure is constituted by the roughly 2,000 games of League of Legends I have since I have started playing."
-November 19, 2012 18:59

"So pretty much all you've showed me is that you copy and paste a prewritten response to try and shush people who have a reasonable reason to contest their tribunal case. You have just linked me FAQs and other such links which i have read fully and because of that I'm absolutely positive that i'm innocent. I will continue this protest against this warning you have unfairly given me. You have not shown any effort to show me specifically what I have done wrong, or that you have even read what i have written. You are showing very poor levels of professionalism, if any, on behalf of Riot."
-November 20, 2012 10:01

This concludes my experience with Riot support and would like to once again reiterate the most important facts: although I have made mistakes, which I will not deny, those mistakes are like a needle in a haystack of games which I play. Also in every single one of these games I was reported by only a single person which can and most likely does mean that I was reported by a person with whom I had a disagreement with and I was reported just out of spite and disagreement. To further this point I would like to show some rough statistics. In Summoner's Rift I have acquired 892 wins 833 losses. There are 5 players on a team so 10 players in a game which means I have met roughly 17,250 people ignoring possible repeats of the same player. Of those 17,250 different players in different games I'm being punished for 2 people reporting me out of those 17,250 people whom I played with in Summoner's Rift. This essentially means that I am being punished because of 0.000116 (rounded up) percentage of people whom have reported me. The statistic is very similar for Dominion as well. Lastly without the inclusion of games 3 and 4 there would not have been enough evidence to create a case against me a "veteran player" as quoted earlier by Riot in the tribunal FAQ.

Edit (5 minutes after posting): Again I understand the behavior in a few of the games was unacceptable and will not just work to change them they WILL be changed. I would simply like Riot/ a Rioter to reconsider the warning issued to my account because I have taken pride in being an honorable opponent and in being able to say that I have never had any problems with the tribunal. This has humbled me.

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Well I did go over the cases since you obviously spent quite a lot of time thinking over this post so I will aim to give you somewhat of a decent reply. I do agree with the fact that some of the cases don't really seem too punishable to me.

However, The first two games I do somewhat agree with the warning since you should know better after having played that many games. I do know that tribunal takes samples of many more cases though the fact that they were all more or less back to back. I'll assume that your final case was either on the 19th or 20th. So it could be due to all the reports in a short time period. Regardless.

The third game I could conclude that Sona was the one that reported you out of spite and was being quite toxic herself so for that game I don't find you at fault at all.

The fourth game I think it was more of how you worded it to your team. It wasn't the most polite but reading your explanation it made sense. Though your team didn't have the same luxury to do the same.

Game 5 where you afked.. well you again could have worded things differently though I do know how irritating a constant horde of pinging can be it is no reason to punish the whole team over it.

Both games 1 and 2 were punishable to an extent. You really don't seem very toxic to me in general though you snapped at your team fairly monstrously. Though with both cases close to each other in time were you having a bad day(s)? I will say for next time.. you should probably just take a step back to remember not everyone you play with might be the most experienced and as a veteran player you should guide them rather than rage at them. for their mistakes. Especially if it is a normal game where you are unsure of your teammates experience in matters. Be more lenient with your team and take a breather to remember while it is just a game... you wouldn't appreciate anyone raging at you and it would not make you play any better than you had been and most likely making you feel worse.

I would think though that the warning is ok overall and the fact that you came here over a warning is a good sign that you are concerned about such a thing. I don't expect to see you here again especially since you see your own faults in yourself and that you will take a breather next time rather than lashing out at your team.