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After my sixth job application rejection, someone say something nice/funny pls

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dont dodge gg:
You're so confused, health care reform and what other countries are currently doing MAKES SENSE. OBAMACARE ISN'T THAT. You obviously have no idea what obamacare is, and you think that obamacare helps everyone. Why not follow in those countries footsteps instead of trying to reinvent the wheel? You say obamacare is affordable? Ok so the large companies have to provide that to their employee's, they in turn raise their prices on their services or products because they aren't going to eat that. Middle class tax payers will also have to pay almost 1% more in taxes for obamacare. In the end who is actually paying for obamacare? WE ARE, higher fuel prices, higher cost on goods, and HIGHER taxes. Stop being naive please.

I'm saying you voted for evil, how is that working out for you? (I personally voted for the green party because I don't agree in evil)

also it's amusing that a future government employee who will be represented by a union is all gung-ho anti democratic party and loves the republicans so hard he is willing to ******* them.

Are you going to enjoy your open-market health insurance selection when you start your new job? Don't you like how you can pick and choose HEALTH insurance so you get the one you need, at the lowest price you want to buy it? IT IS SO EVIL to want that for the rest of Amurika

herp derp dumb fuck

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apply at a fast food restaurant if your strapping for cash desperately, its better than nothing, and degrees =/= jobs.