Ezreal's Ultimate (bug)

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Hello guys, just wanted to report this.

First, i went against an Ezreal, i was using Akali, and he was most of the game telling me that he was hitting me with his R (ult) and nothing happened (no dmg), it doesn't ALWAYS happens but it happens sometimes, i actually saw it going throught me and didn't receive any damage.

So then, i also used Ez in a match, as i said before, it doesn't always happens, sometimes not even once in a match, and sometimes, say, 1 of every 10... In my last match, me and a friend clearly saw it going throught a champion (Vayne, if being specific is necessary) being CLEARLY hit by it and went throught her. No Damage.

I think this must be a bug so yeah, if it's possible look into it, dont want his ult with a bug at all, thanks!