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How I learned to lane against Mordekaiser - A new players write-up for new players!

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With the recent threads popping up about how Mordekaiser is OP and having been in enough games now to see people consistently get steamrolled by him, I thought I’d share a detailed explanation about why this is happening to you, and how to effectively deal with it. The threads that have popped up recently about it touch on the solutions, but lack the detailed explanation and reasons on why those solutions work.

Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who is unranked, and currently level 21, but this is also the audience I’m targeting. Anyone who is level 30 and ranked probably aren’t having this problem, or at least not lacking the basics to understand what is happening to them in game and fix it for themselves.

Tip #1 - Push your lane back! (but not to much!)

Contrary to everything you’ve learned, sitting back and last hitting mobs is not always the ideal solution! Most of the time it is, but against Mordekaiser he wants nothing more then to have you dry humping your tower like you do your hand on a lonely Friday night. If he’s done this, you’ve been effectively zoned out of your lane.

The reality is, at this stage in my LoL career, I’m not an expert at last hitting when I’m tower hugging at the best of times and likely neither are you. It’s something that takes practice, and as you get better at it, I expect you will find yourself in a better position to deal with Mordekaiser as well. However, what I do know is that I’m definitely NOT an expert at last hitting under my tower when I have a big angry Metal Man who is seemingly impervious to my harass taking pot shots at my tower and eating my minions waves up like fat kid eating chocolate.

This is the ideal solution Mordekaiser wants you in. You are so pressured; you can’t farm effectively and he and his laning partner are basically free to farm as they please. While they are gobbling up gold in droves, you are sitting under your tower pissing your pants pinging the map for your mid/jungler to come help, which is forcing your mid/jungler their precious farming time as well. So unless you score a kill from a gank, you’ve effectively given the advantage to their mid AND Mordekaiser.

In order to stop this, you need to be actively attacking his creep wave back (while most importantly still scoring as many last hits as you can!). While you don’t want to attack his creep wave to the point that you are pushing to his tower, sitting somewhere half way between your tower and the middle of the lane is a good place to be. You’re still giving yourself the optimal distance required to leave your enemies open to ganks from mid/jungling, while giving yourself the strongest possibility to farm effectively without your tower gobbling up all your gold. This is important, because the less of a minion buffer Mordekaiser has to hide behind, the easier he is to harass, the more likely he ends up taking damage from YOUR minions and you increase the chance that you have some semblance of minion creep to hide behind as well.

Positioning plays a part in this, and I’ll admit Melee characters have a much harder time doing this then ranged characters because a good Mordekaiser will wait until you run up to last hit, and then blow his load on top you AND your minions. Effectively though, Mordekaiser can’t harass you AND free farm your minions at the same time if you don’t let him. Force him to pick, and this leads to tip #2.

Tip #2 - Know when to harass Mordekaiser and when NOT to harass Mordekaiser.

Mordekaiser is a cooldown dependant hero. This should be your number one clue on when to harass him. You harass him AFTER he’s blown his load on the minions, and you ideally harass him from a safe distance!

“But Pysces!” you say, “If I harass him after he is decimated my creep wave, he is doesn’t take any damage!”.

That’s fine, and I’ll explain why. Mordekaiser’s shield is a finite resource dictated by your minions and his cooldowns. So while in the worse case scenario, Mordekaiser isn’t losing copious amounts of HP, ideally after he has blown his load on your minions, you aren’t losing copious amounts of HP either. If you harass him AFTER he’s blown his load, you keep his shield down, and his harass against you as minimal as possible. A Mordekaiser without his mighty shield to hide behind is 1) not attempting to pressure you anymore, and 2) probably not trying to harass you, and 3) much more susceptible to ganks by your mid/jungler. He is 1) waiting for his cooldowns to come back up and/or 2) waiting for your next wave of minions to come by to refill his shield on.

This is the ideal position you want to be in against Mordekaiser, and in this brief period is when you want to be now actively attacking his minions so that you don’t get pressured to your tower. This is also the ideal time to take any available pot shots at him to try and whittle his HP down. If he has a health regen item and is a smart Mordekaiser, you may not be able to whittle his HP by significant amounts at all, and that’s OK too. Concentrate on farming effectively, keeping your tower up, and preparing for the mid game where Mordekaiser is at his weakest (provided he hasn’t been free to feed or gotten fat off your petty souls). This ties directly with tip #1 and also leads directly into tip #3.

Tip #3 - The kill.

This is a pretty straightforward tip. “When do I go to kill Mordekaiser?!?!?!” you ask. “When do I get to flex my epeen and show Mordekaiser who is boss! My LoL rage is large and I must show the interwebs my 14/0/9 skills!!!!!!”

The answer is you go to kill Mordekaiser at the same time you would normally kill any other Champion. Which is when he is overextended and at roughly half HP, and you aren’t in same position (overextended or also at half HP). Note half HP + full shield does not equal half HP. I’d consider that full HP, and you’d have to evaluate yourself whether or not you can burn through this before he burns through you. It’s better to play it safe then play it risky if you aren’t 100% confident you can kill the Metal Man.

If you’re fresh against Mordekaiser, and not 100% effective yet at creating the situations required getting to this stage, that’s fine, don’t panic.

The fact is if you follow the above tips, concentrate on farming yourself well for the mid game and most importantly do not die or lose your tower against the mighty Morde, you’ve achieved parity, and offered yourself a solid chance to push this parity to an advantage in the mid game, where a properly handled Mordekaiser isn’t so hard to handle anymore. If your other lanes have done well, and scored kills, or taken a tower, you’re moving out of the laning phase, into the group fight gank phase, and this is where Mordekaiser’s weaknesses start to show. Mordekaiser works for his team by creating an early snowball that bleeds into a giant late game snowball. Remove his ability to do this, and you’ve done your job, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Optional Tip #4 - The Melee character.

Look, as a Melee character without a ranged poke, there is a strong possibility you may just be completely zoned out of your lane. Your solution is to suck in your pride and ask for a lane switch, plain and simple. It’s better to admit you can’t handle something, and put someone who can, then to give up what is arguably a huge advantage to the other team because you picked the wrong lane at the beginning.

Alternatively, if no one will offer to change with you, focus on the above, but do your best to just survive as long as possible. Buy a few extra health pots on your first trip back into town, you want to keep your HP above 50% at all times, because a good Mordekaiser will kill you under your tower before you can do anything about it. Play tight, swallow your pride and focus on surviving and farming as much cash as you can.

Happy playing,


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Senior Member


Nice I like the ranged part

Maybe get your mid to help you

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Senior Member


I would also like to add that Zilean is a hard counter to Mordekaiser. Why?

- Zil's range allows him to attack morde as he comes to try and get a shield (Any range can do this by the way, just stand either in the bushes next to their creep wave or near their creep wave and ranged hit him as he comes to try and get a shield/damage, back up when he's close to getting the range for the shield though.)
- His bombs can be timed so that they blow up after his shield is down. A bomb + auto-attack usually ensures he eats full bomb damage.
- Zilean's Ult negates Mordekaiser's ult, which is large chunk of his damage.
- Zilean's can perma-slow Morde so that he can't reach teamfights.

As I mentioned above, any range with good zone control can shut him down as long as they play semi-aggressively (like I said, if you see him coming at you, back up so you don't get hit by his shield building AoE.)

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I'll add a very short way to counter him instead of keeping pressure up. Get a double stun or ranged lane against him, everytime he comes in bait him out to use Siphon by standing to the side of a creepwave then jump on him and force him all the way back to tower which early is actually a kill because of how squishy he is. He will be so scared to even try to harass the lane is won before level 3. Only way to beat aggression is with aggression.

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Senior Member


Ryze is also fairly good against mordekaiser, as you can blow your nuke on him when his sheild is down. My brother mains mordekaiser and says the ONLY champion he has trouble mid-laning against is Ryze.

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Kato Kii

Senior Member


Being a junior member giving advice to other newer players, you need to state that these methods will not work on higher non-rated or rated games.

You do identify some of the weaknesses that some typical Mordekaiser players don't know very much about, but for those who have a lot of experience playing him can make those flaws one of his greatest assets.

What works for you on your level area will not work for those who have surpassed it.

Neat job on the work.
Thought I have to speculate on your credibility on making such a Thread (image attached)

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My suggestion, both as a Morde player and person who can beat morde easily, if you have a poking skill, toss it at him when his shield is down. If he's steamrolling your minions, he'll run out of a source for his shield, and when he doesn't have that on, he's pretty squishy. Just poke him down to about 1/2-1/3 life, then you and a buddy can kill him easily, or by yourself if you're careful.

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Senior Member


From level 1 - 3/4 you need to just hurt him bad as that is when his shield is not that good.

Burst damage is the best as if you can catch him before he Es a minion wave you get a lot of his HP down.