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[Player behavior] toxic guy, and ideas to improve PBE experience

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Hi, Today I was playing on PBE, I come here rarily but always to find some bugs (working as QA trainee in my country atm). I chose to play karma mid and had a botlane premade (Taric + Teemo). I played terribad vs Talon, who obviously was more experienced player with his champ than me (I had smth like 0\15\9 at the end) and then Teemo started to rage, flaming at our team (at me mostly), saying rly bad things asking me to delete the game, uninstal, and then saying bad things about my mother.

This is a aftergame quotes of teemo. I have both ingame and aftergame chat screenshots. I've already made a report.

i play this **** on live and stomp ****s like you all day long
kid, you're absolute ****.
i dont give a flying **** if you report me or not
i'm sorry, i've got this thing called a job, i dont care if i get banned.
people like you, are useless and ruin games.
you feed, intentionaly suck, and dont care.
yes, because you dont have downtime from a job, right?
go do what your mother should have, and abort yourself. you're trash, you're idiotic, and useless.

Speaking of the global problem of toxic players on PBE, I believe we should have several improvements.
- A different subdomen for a pbe server, with his own forum and stuff, just like NA, EUW,EUNE etc.
- A binginds between main account and PBE account. For example main account should be lvl 30.
- If PBE account gets banned, main account will get some sort of penalty aswell.

Sincerely FonaR, PBE.

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Calling out a player on the forums is against forum rules, just so you know.