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They were right

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Once you appear once on Tribunal it is extremely easy to get back on it. Right now I consider turning off in-game chat completely because it is risky to say something.


First game? Really? Said I am done, but come on I didn't do anything ban-worthy. Was kinda annoyed but didn't say one offensive word towards teammates. Just had a feeling that I had wrong masteries/runes. Our Mao wasn't exactly best but really and I got kinda pissed, though I didn't flame him.

Second game. Alright I used some hard language over there but I was just unbelievably annoyed. I wish reports would have been provided with queue and post-game chat aswell. Lee CONSTANTLY flamed and called us to report MF because she supposedly did bad in his last game. This game im pretty sure she was our best player(was forced to support her, and despite one kinda fail action she did very good overall) therefore I was more than annoyed when I heard lee raiding her all the time. Really? Punished?

So as I am temporarily banned here, what am I supposed NOT to do to get banned. Right now saying single GG makes me afraid of getting reported.

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Game 1: Lots of swearing. You also chewed out your team. You could have said things a lot nicer then you did.

Game 2: Lots more swearing, and the attacks on your team continue, including:

Nunu [00:26:31] what the **** is wrong with you
Nunu [00:26:38] stop going full ******

Nunu [00:29:17] shut up
Miss Fortune [00:29:20] singed was goin down
Nunu [00:29:22] you are so ****ing bad
Singed [00:29:25] i was fine
Nunu [00:29:25] I cant believe it

Nunu [00:37:38] so ****ing incompetent

Nunu [00:40:27] gg bads
Jarvan IV [00:40:28] sigh
Nunu [00:40:33] I lold
Nunu [00:40:38] complaining about mf
Singed [00:40:40] no ap is what killed us
Nunu [00:40:40] and sucking dick so hard

It's not saying 'GG' that's getting you reported, if you were just saying that and not 'gg bads', insulting your team along with everything else I showed. You need to reduce the amount of insults you throw at your team. Yes, I know some games you get people who seem skill less or intentionally throw a game. In those cases, report them.

Reporting someone as unskilled does NOT send them to the tribunal, but changes how the system does matchmaking for them to put them against easier opponents if they get enough reports.

Report people throwing games or harrassing you so THEY are the one punished. As soon as you throw in behavior like you did, which is a violation of the Summoner's Code, you are the one who is at risk of being suspended.

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Exactly what he said.

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Seriously, a lot of people tend to be blind, they can't ever see what's in front of them. Think, would you actually say such insulting things to someone face to face? Words like 'wtf' 'bad' 'report' 'gg' 'uninstall' and speaking to all chat about your team, that is all very unsportsmanlike.

You ever watch a real sport on the television? You think they can get away with such an attitude? How often do you see someone get carded in a soccer game? You rarely don't see any beef in a football game either.

Also, the chat filter does not affect a darn thing. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to fill in the blanks. Excuse the harshness, but I tend to say things as I see it.