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@Lyte Could you look into my account for me?

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Calys Teneb

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Hey about 2 months ago I was permenately banned after playing with "Shurelia", I believe this player works at riot or did anyway, and they went on to instantly say they were going to jungle Leona. I was thinking okay that's fine I've never seen it maybe it'll work, well it didn't work out that way they ended up feeding and saying they were only going to do the wolf/blue camp the entire game. About 20 minutes into the game I believe it was our top laner disconnected and didn't come back for 10 minutes. When he finally came back the game was "loldropped" as they were calling it around that time. Shurelia then went on to say in their stream chat that they were going to look into all of the accounts in the game and take action on the ones that needed it. Turns out I wasn't the reason the game dropped, and I was banned instead for my past behaviour. Normally I would be fine for this, because believe me I know after looking back on how I acted that I deserved to be banned, but not permenately the first time?

While there have been bans due to Riot employees abusing their power, they typically are investigated extremely quickly and a resolution reached within a matter of days. Shurelia has been gone for almost a year, so it is unlikely that an overturn is going to happen. Furthermore, people are extended numerous chances through the Tribunal; however Pendragon has stated that while the Tribunal is a tool at their disposal, it is not the only tool.

Riot employees are encouraged to report to internally investigate the games they play if they suspect someone of conduct violating the Terms of Service. In these cases, a punishment deemed appropriate by Riot if cause is found is dispensed in order to facilitate the environment they wish for their game more quickly than the Tribunal works through cases. Furthermore, Riot staff periodically conducts sweeps of the most reported players and determines punishments manually. These can result in two week or permanent suspensions immediately, rather than the four to five chances the Tribunal offers.

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