Annoying Game Lobby Bug

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Not sure if you already know this or not but there is a bug with the Lobby (not again D:); this time the problem is spectating.

Simply, the main issue is you are "glued" to the game if it successfully starts. When trying to enter another game or join queue it gives an error saying that you are in game [x] until it ends.
This is probably confusing so I will explain what happened chronologically.

I love ARAMs and sometimes I choose to spectate when a game is owned by a player I recognized but the game is full.
e.g. Arams 30s! | Salce | 10/10 | 0/2| ->Spectate

Usually somebody will leave before the owner starts, allowing me to join the game normally.

However the other times, the owner will start the game with me still spectating. This is what happens.

1. Somebody leaves (not me) and then, when we are back in the lobby, I try to join a team, it gives me the Active Game not found bug which I explained in the beginning. Leaving the game lobby is futile as the client forces me back to the game just as a sling does. I can either wait until the game is done (spectate it, wait in or out of client) or get lucky that the game never starts and is deleted.

2. I leave and if someone dodges the game then the same conclusion as step 1 happens.
Or the game starts and I am free up until the game ends and a random post-game results screen appears out of no where.

I may have had a special unique case with this bug but there are other scenarios in which this could happen too.
This has happened to me maybe 10 times now and it has been here ever since spectating was introduced.

I'm sure this can be fixed relatively easily and you should try it yourself.