Champ select bug

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The last 2 games I have tried to play, I have got into champ select in a normal draft mode game, and during champ select, my client bugs out, and I get a message saying that there is a problem with the client and an error report has been generated. I cleck send report, and then that is it, I get no further prompts and I sit there looking at my screen in the bugged out champ select and cant return home. All I can do is close the client, then I get a dodge penalty!!!

Now I can't play for 15 minutes and who knows what will happen nect time I try to play?

Can someone help me out with some information on this error please?

Pretty sure is lagging out or there are service issues, because my internet is fine, im skyping and on youtube and redtube and stuff and there are no issues. Can someone confirm is struggling or not more than usual tonight?

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Yep, same thing happened to me. A ranked queue. It froze, some more chat scrolled then it froze again. I tried restarting the client and it just took me to the menu with no penalty. Then I joined a normals and same thing. I rebooted PC, router, everything and it still wouldn't load. Suddenly it let me into the game by which point the enemy team was lvl 7.
Needless to say, we lost.

After that game I queue up again and it loaded fine. Was really strange, hasn't happened to me before.