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Just a few skin ideas

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I have thought of a few "fitting" skins for certain champions, such as:
Dunk-Master Darius - His weapon is a basket ball and when he Q's he jukes around with his basketball skills and when he ults a basketball net appears above the enemy target and he dunks on them.
Link Lulu - Has the green tunic, and Pix is going to be Navi
Superhero Jayce - He has a cape blue / purple (according to team colour) with orange J on the middle. When he goes through his Acceleration gate he starts to fly.
Transformer Jayce - When he is in melee stance, he is a car, when he ults he transforms. :P When he goes through his E he gets visible speed marks behind him.
Ariel Nami - Pretty self explanatory, and when she dances, Sebastian and Flounder jump around her, instead of normal fish.
Hatsune Sona - Also pretty self explanatory, but gets Hatsune Miku's voice and model.
Baller Syndra - Replaces Syndra's balls with basketballs, and gives her a jersey.
Big Daddy Nautilus - Replaces model with Big Daddy from Bioshock, and when Naut Q's, he could have his drill extend and pull him to it.
Pikennen - Looks like pickachu, and when Kennen W's, he uses thunderbolt
Koopa Rammus - Reskinned to look like a Koopa Troopa, and when he Q's, he spins sideways.
Shredder Zed - From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :P

These are just a few I thought up with my friends, so feel free to add or expand on skin ideas, all are welcome. (Except for maybe profane ones)

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I need a hentai Zyra skin plox

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I agree with the Sona Hatsune skin. The first time I saw her I knew she needed a Miku skin. Many Vocaloid fans will approve.

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Hatsune Miku Sona needs to happen