Looking for ranked team!

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Im a whorse IRL



Currently looking for a ranked team for 5v5 Season 3, I live in the eastern time zone, My main roles are Top, Mid, Adc. As top my main is wukong, i feel he is a very strong top who can counter tanky picks at top, and great for massive dmg in team fights, Im also good as Jax top, and Riven top. As Mid I like to play Talon due to the fact he is easily able to counter pretty much every AP mage/ AP (unless its someone like vlad who gets HP and then my burst would be as effective) He is a great assassin late game for Ending ADC and Mages with his strong burst. I also Play a Twisted fate Mid, twisted fate is a great early game ganker with his ult and Yellow card, and easily able to CS and take wraiths, and good AoE dmg with red card to make sure the team running can't get far and do good dmg. As ADC, my Favorite being caitlyn, she is a adc would can has the best range i find and can use it very wisely to her advantage, with slows, traps, and a long ranged skill shot, and ult that works great with Clairvoyance if they try and run and u know what path they will take, But in times where the team is to tanky i feel Kog'maw is a great pick with his W and Bloodrazors to counter tanks, and drop other adc and mages with them not knowing what hit them. Looking for an active team, please add me to friends list to discus anything!