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@Riot: Consider these aspects of S3 and explain why you won't buff early jungle gold.

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There are many changes to season three that will make junglers a LOT less effective early. Because of these changes, I believe it would not negatively impact the game to actually increase early jungle gold to the point of S1.

Vision Creep

-Sightstone (Free wards for a cheap cost; hp as an added bonus)

-Oracles will only last 5 minutes

-Utility tree ward (Lasts one minute; likely used for counter-jungling or preventing level 2 ganks)

-Ambient gold increase (May or may not significantly increase vision)

Jungle[r] Status

-Basically forced to start with Hunter's Machete to clear respectably (No boots, no impact on non-neutrals)

-Even with 5 pots at the start, junglers are at generally low health

-Control jungling likely to increase

-Experience gain will still be sub-par after first clear

S1/S3 Comparison

The reason S1 jungle was deemed toxic was due to the amount of knowledge required to do it effectively, due to counterjungling, as well as a high amount of gold AND experience. The timer change basically eliminated the significance of counterjungling. The gold and experience nerf made it pointless, aside from stealing wraiths, who gave the most exp, or buffs for obvious reasons.

S3 is supposed to reduce the success of early ganking, but open up options for the style of the jungler. Without an actual increase in gold, the support/tank jungle meta will not go away. The fact that ganking will be less effective overall will only increase the viability of this style.

S3 jungle is going to be exactly like S2 was at the start, where everyone tried to farm the jungle for gold, except this time you won't be able to get your gold from ganks as easily. The only goal that I feel was actually realized in the jungle was making single-target viable again.

The Question

Considering the S2 changes and all of the incoming changes, a few of which are indirect nerfs to junglers, why does the balance team refuse to buff the actual gold income of the jungle?

Without the significant level advantage and extended laning phase, I do not feel junglers will be as strong as S1 even if the gold is buffed a moderate amount relative to the PBE.


Please inform me if you:

-Have information that would further my point

-Spot an error, spelling or otherwise

-Have information that would disprove my point

-Have suggestions that Riot could use to make carry junglers and farmers viable ASIDE from the gold they refuse to give


Without many of the benefits that junglers had taken away between S1 and S2, in combination with incoming S3 changes, junglers can't be as blatantly overpowered as they were in S1. There is little to no reason not to directly buff the gold that the jungler gets consistantly.

If Vlad is balanced according to top lane, why can't jungle champs be balanced according to the jungle, rather than Riot refusing to give them gold and not risk them ever being strong?

Maokai will always remain one of the best junglers as long as junglers can't scale. Change this.