Bug on morgana's ult.

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3 Hours Ago

i was playing riven on the 3's map and there was a morgana on the enemy team. i play morgana enough to know the timing of her shackles pretty well. anyways, we would teamfight, she would ult, and i would have my dash up, but i'd finish my combo, and time it just right, to dash out of the circle. the thing is, the shackles persisted for about a half second on me, and i still get stunned at the end of the ultimate, it wasn't just one time, it was many times, even sometimes when i would dash AND flash out, and im definitely out of range, the shackle disappeared, but the shackle still hit me. The timing on audo and visual is a bit off. i dont have a screen shot or video, but it's really annoying when your clear but still stunned.