Another patch, another broken PvP.Net Patcher Kernel.

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11 Hours Ago

For the second patch in a row now, my PvP.Net Patcher Kernel has ceased to function.
The standard run as administrator fix and all of the others I've looked up online aren't effective.

Last patch I had to re-install the game entirely in order to fix it.

I would like to make sure you guys are aware of this issue at the least, and avoid re-installing if possible (as my internet is horribly slow and it's a huge pain).


Computer information (This is going to be mostly incomplete as I'm about as tech savvy as your grandmother):

Windows 8
HP Pavilion Laptop
AMD A10 Quad Core Processor


Update: As I was writing out this post, I discovered that running the admin launcher directly from the game folder has proven effective (it did not the last time I had this issue).

I'm not sure what the issue is here but I will post this anyway and provide any information you might need in case it only works temporarily or if it could be helpful to others with similar problems.