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A look at Dominion's comeback mechanics

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first ill open with the current mechanics in place that help the losing team

1. when a team has less points than the other the death timers change to +/- 2 for each team's wave spawn. this currently happens even at a one point difference.

2. at below 100 points (fairly certain it was changed from 125 fact checks appreciated) kills and quests no longer do damage to the nexus.

the first thing issue that presents itself is that the current death timers mechanics make even matches kind of odd. since the team with even one less point than the other gets a huge advantage. this flaw in the system is quite obvious at the start of the game where better players will intentionally wait to cap mid so that they can get the respawn advantage in the windmill fight.

the fix have the timers actually scale using this equation: 1 - losingteam/winningteam.
if this comes out to less than .05 or 5% then there should be no respawn advantage. from 5-25% there should be a +/- 1 advantage and from 25% on there should be a +/- 2 advantage. addtionally the death timer advantages should stop the moment both teams go under 100 points.

the last thing i want to try out is removing kills doing nexus damage all together not to say that i think it would help but i think its worth looking in to